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simpleThere are few things more genius in the beauty world than eye makeup remover pads. Don’t know about you, but I’m always having problems with my eye makeup: my eyeshadow travels, my mascara runs, or sometimes I unintentionally rub my eye and leave behind a huge mess. However, who has space to carry around a bottle of solution? Not me, which is why I was super stoked when Simple Skincare released their easy-to-carry Eye Makeup Remover Pads that I can fit even into my smallest handbag. No more panda eyes for me after a few drinks now!

The Simple Eye Makeup Remover pads are blended with gentle cleansers (safe for contact wearers like me) and botanicals to remove makeup and nourish the sensitive skin in the area. There are no chemicals, perfumes, oil, grease, alcohol or dyes to upset skin, and they don’t leave behind any kind of film. In fact, I find the wipes incredibly refreshing to use and might even store them in the fridge this summer once the weather gets more hot and humid. The best part is that the wipes are effective at removing waterproof makeup, so you don’t have to keep rubbing back and forth and risk any irritation. If you’re into wearing really long-wear professional makeup though, it’ll take a few swipes to get all that off, but we’re talking really tough stuff here. For the most part, these wipes can remove any eye makeup in just one go.

The Eye Makeup Remover Pads might actually be my new favorite product from Simple. I could definitely use a lifetime supply of these… or at least a pack for each of my bags!

This post is created in partnership with Simple Skincare. 

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