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womanbackWith bikinis, sundresses, and backless tops on the horizon, a summer back scrub is pretty much mandatory. Now, I love those in-shower exfoliators and all, except for one little problem: I can’t actually *reach* my back. Finally, this year, with a backless wedding dress on the horizon, I decided to seek professional help, in the form of a lovely morning spent at the new Cornelia Spa at The Surrey Hotel. I checked my embarrassment at the door, and checked in for their divine Purifying Back Treatment.

I’m the kind of spa-goer who likes to see instant results and will almost always opt for a results driven treatment over a relaxing massage. That must be why I was positively obsessed with the Purifying Back Treatment at Cornelia Spa–the results were obvious and plentiful! The service starts with a thorough cleaning using the spa’s own line of luxurious botanical bath and body products. Following the wash, my aesthetician thoroughly inspected my skin and delivered the news I knew I would hear: my back was looking a little congested. Not to worry, she assured me, as the remainder of the treatment would be focused on unclogging pores, sloughing off dead skin, and removing all the impurities off my back. 


The next step in the treatment was a deep scrub (felt good!) followed by a liberal application of Pumpkin and Papaya Enzyme Masque. The natural acids in the fruits help to loosen and dissolve dead cells while the antioxidants nourish skin and replenish moisture. After the masque is removed, skin already looks brighter, but this is when things really pick up. After the scrub and masque had done an effective job of removing surface debris, the deep cleaning begins with all over back extractions. As someone who *loves* extractions, believe me when I say that I wish this part of the treatment could have lasted forever. There was just something so satisfying about knowing that all blackheads built up over years and years were being removed one by one with great precision.

By this point, my skin was thoroughly cleaned, both on the surface as well as deep in the pores, and it was simply time to hydrate and nourish. My aesthetician applied a Deep Sea Mud Masque to suck out any last pesky impurities and massaged it into my skin to help stimulate circulation and invigorate the skin. Finally, it was time to moisturize, and the treatment concluded with an all-over application of Neroli Massage Balm. I was left with the smoothest back I’ve had since maybe ever, and an excitement you only feel when something turned out really good.

Almost two weeks later, my back is still as clear as can be and I’m finally feeling confident enough to show it off. Residents of New York City are lucky enough to experience the service themselves at the Cornelia Spa, and trust me when I say that it’s a must. You could also recreate the treatment by using the products I highlighted above, which I will continue to do throughout the summer as maintenance. My poor boyfriend is about to get really familiar with back extractions…

For more information, check out Cornelia Spa at The Surrey. 

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