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zoyaNow this is exciting! ┬áRemember that fabulous PixieDust collection that Zoya put out earlier this year? Well, it was so popular that they just released a set of six new Summer PixieDust shades and they’re every bit as gorgeous as the first collection, just in brighter, in more colorful shades perfect for the hot weather. Here are the six new shades you’ll be obsessed with:

  • Solange – A glittering pale yellow
  • Beatrix – A glittering light orange
  • Destiny – A glittering pink-orange (pictured)
  • Miranda – A glittering raspberry
  • Stevie – A glittering lavender
  • Liberty – A glittering dark aqua blue

Like the original PixieDust shades, you don’t need to use a base or top coat with these, and you should let each coat dry completely before you apply the next one (it dries quicker than “regular” polish, so it’s not too bad of a wait). When it dries, the finish is matte and super, super glittery. So fun! (You can also experiment with adding a top coat – it takes away some of the texture, but I’m a fan of the way it looks). I love these shades on my toes as a funky summer pedicure. ┬áMy only problem is deciding which one to use — not as easy as it sounds when you like them all so much!

Zoya also has two other new collections out for the summer – Stunning and Irresistible. Stunning is made up of six shiny cream shades and Irresistible has six foil metallics. I have to admit, the foil metallics are by far my favorite polishes. They just have such a cool finish that I can’t stop looking at when they’re on my hands. All the shades are so opaque and colorful — I’m especially partial to Amy, an orange-red foil metallic and Tinsley, a rose-gold foil metallic (super unique and pretty).

I have to say, Zoya is really knocking it out of the park lately. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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