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lashA few weeks ago, I finally gave in to curiosity (and the desire for fuss-free, long, lush lashes) and booked myself an appointment for lash extensions. As it turns out, it was quite the learning experience. For those of you who are contemplating extensions, read on for the things to know!

1. Book at a reputable place: I got my extensions done at Browhaus and could not have been happier with their level of cleanliness and professionalism. Yes, I’m tempted to scrimp sometimes when it comes to certain things, but anything that involves gluing individual  hairs onto your eyes should not be that thing. Make sure you book at a place that has skilled professionals and uses the highest quality products. Which leads me to point two…

2. Get ready for an hour-long service of having individual lashes glued onto your existing lashes. I’m not sure what I expected going into the service, but I sure didn’t anticipate that I’d be laying there for an hour having such detailed work done to my lashes. Each false lash is adhered to an existing lash using a special, semi-permanent glue. During the entire procedure, your eyes will be closed to prevent any irritation…however the detailed work on your lash line can sometimes cause ticklishness.  The entire procedure is pain free but does require patience and the ability to resist rubbing your eyes, which for some people like myself, can be quite challenging in itself. 

3. You can go as natural or full as you wish. Browhaus offers a 60, 100, or 160 lash extensions. Other places may offer a half-set or a full-set. I went for the 60 lash extensions since it was my first time  and wanted to go for a natural (yet pretty) look. The 60 lash extension “filled out” the space between my natural lashes so overall they looked thicker and fuller, but not to the point where it actually looked like I was wearing false lashes. The lashes are also naturally curled (and they stay that way), so it gave my eyes a wide, open effect which was really pretty. For day-to-day wear, the 60 lash extension is enough for people to comment “you have such pretty lashes!”  but not so obvious that people will ask you where you got them done. For special occasions or photo-shoots, you can step it up to 100 or 160 lashes.

4. You’ll need to change how you wash your face and shower. Once your lashes are on, they pretty much stay put without budging for roughly two weeks (sometimes longer). For the most part, you can just go about your day to day the usual way, but when it comes to showering and washing your face, you’ll notice that the ol’ habits don’t quite mesh with your new lashes. The general idea to preserving your lashes for as long as possible to stay away from the eye area. However, my face washing process involves soaping up around the eye and then using water and my hands to splash and cleanse the entire face including the eye area. That technique will upset your lashes. Instead, try to use a eye makeup remover pad or a soft wash cloth and gently dab the eye area (no back and forth motions!) to cleanse the eye area and then avoid it completely when working on the other parts of your face.

5. Get your lashes touched up or removed by a professional. Now, this last advice is one that I didn’t heed and after a few weeks when my lashes grew out, I started picking them off one by one (yikes!). I would obviously not recommend this since even I had no idea if I was picking off my extensions or my natural lashes (that’s how realistic they looked!) Instead, I should’ve taken Browhaus on their offer to go back in and have them professionally removed (much safer and quicker I imagine) or even get them retouched up for the next few weeks. The good news is, even my not-so-great self-removal process left my natural lashes healthy and in tact, which speaks to the quality of the application itself. This, of course, brings me back to point 1: make sure you get your lashes done at the best place possible.

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