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The testimony of countless dermatologists and aestheticians have always converged on a simple fact–acid peels are effective! Of course, there are varying strengths and times for application, but the concept behind them is that old dead skin peels off and leaves fresher, smoother skin in its place. Ideally, this also aids in lightening discolorations. I’ve always been a fan of at-home Dr. Gross’ Alpha-Beta Peel, and the brand is now wrapping it up into a kit  that also includes two complementary items: a Ferulic + Retinol Eye Serum and Brightening Solution. I made my hubby the test subject for this review and he’s been a great sport try it for 30 days. He has a few genetic dark spots made worse, I’m sure, by growing up in Florida and playing at the beach with no sunscreen (I know, quel horreur). The conclusion? Visible signs of aging such as fine lines and discolorations are reduced with consistent daily use of the peel. I actually started to notice a slight lightening of the sunspots about three weeks into the treatment. It’s definitely the first beauty treatment hubby looks forward to having–he thinks I’m giving him a “facial” every night!

The oversized, patented 2-step peel couldn’t be easier to use: it comes in two jars with pre-soaked pads. Step 1 consists of applying the active peel to a clean face either morning or night. Avoiding the eyes, it takes about 30 seconds to cover everything well. Then, wait two minutes (although I forgot to neutralize the peel one evening and left it on for a half hour!) and apply step 2 until the pad is dry, which nourishes the newly revealed layer of skin with anti-aging ingredients. No rinsing is necessary; and tingling could continue for another minute or so and before going away. The Ferulic Acid + Retinol eye and face serum are best used in combo with the peel to maximize results. While reducing fine lines, it works to illuminate and nourish the skin and can be gently massaged with the fingertips all over the face and neck. The eye serum should be used for closer proximity to the eyes, including eyelids, as it’s been opthalmologist-tested and approved. Even though I made hubby the test subject for this kit, I also can’t keep my hands off the serums. An added bonus for the eye serum is that it does double duty as a primer for eye makeup longevity! The official launch of the trio is on QVC has a promotional value for a limited time, so start getting younger today.

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