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When scoping out beauty products is a big part of your 9 to 5 (actually in my case, more like a 9 to 9), it becomes hard to find things that feel fresh, new, and innovative. At some point, all the beauty products in my closet start to meld together and the ones I catch myself reaching for are more a matter of convenience than anything else (I could probably put together a full makeup look with the amount of products strewn in any given room at any given time). So when I do come across something that actually feels cool, and prompts me to reread the label a few times, and save the insert for future reference, I know that I have something really special in my hands. The latest discovery to make my beauty obsession list is GlamGlow’s Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, a mask that promises to deliver Super Sexy Super Radiant Skin in just one use. 

I landed this product via a CEW swag bag from the awards a few weeks ago. A beauty executive sitting next to me pointed out the brand to me as one that she thought was really cool so it quickly went to the top of my own to-try list. The product is a mud mask turned scrub that tightens skin, soaks up oil, activates collagen production, tightens pores, exfoliates, and leaves skin felling softer, smoother, and brighter–all in just ten minutes or less. The treatment goes on like a mud mask in a thick, grey, moist layer that spreads easily across the face. Then as the mask dries, the product starts to tighten the skin causing a very tingly sensation that lasts for about three to four minutes before transforming into a stiff, white clay finish. At this point the product can be removed with water using a circular motion. As the mask comes off, the product actually crumbles into exfoliating particles that physically scrub off any remaining dead skin. The result? The smoothest, softest, most radiant skin that I’ve had in a long time.

Whenever I discover something really great, I also want to try it on my boyfriend (guys are the hardest to impress) and this was no exception. I find that my guy’s commentary on beauty is usually pretty priceless (and spot on). As I spread the mud mask on him, he made a face, some odd noises, and some commentary about being Braveheart. Ten minutes later, he was examining his skin intently in the bathroom mirror with an impressed expression on his face all while asking me: “Wow my skin looks great. How did it do that?”

Check out the miracle mask at or (for 20% off).

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