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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a beauty editor or hair stylist that doesn’t tout the benefits of the all natural brush. In fact, you’ll hear from many that it’s boar bristle or bust. Well I’m here to say that there is life beyond the Mason Pearson, more specifically, in the form of a funny, little plastic brush that couldn’t look any more different from your hairstylist’s favorite tool. The brush I’m talking about, of course, is the TangleTeezer, which recently released a “salon elite” version of their famous untangling brush.

Like the Original, the Salon Elite Tangle Teezer is made from high quality plastic and contains short bristle teeth that glide over wet or dry hair. The salon version, created for professional stylists, features alternating length bristles and a centralized concave design that contours to the head shape and gives a quicker, firmer brush stroke from root to ends. The brush works on both fine or thick hair, and the bristles flex, not pull, upon contact with knots, helping to untangle hair gently without causing breakage. I especially love that the brush is designed to be used on wet hair, and I now use mine daily in the shower after conditioning to get silky smooth locks instantly. During the day, it’s also easy to use this brush to untangle after any styling mishaps (or a strong gust of wind) as the bristles don’t create any static or frizz even when used on dry hair. Despite how gentle the brush is, hair is bound to fall out (it’s natural!), and the best part is how easy it is to clean–just rinse or pull out any hair left on the brush. No more gnarly hair balls or stuck strands. Even the Mason Pearson can’t beat that!

For more information, check out the TangleTeezer Salon Elite which is now available at SpaceNK.

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