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The last time I had success with a self-tanner was well …never (though I do see evidence that they do work–for other lucky gals). Combine that with the fact that I can practically *feel* cancer cells and wrinkles forming if I don’t slather on an inch of sunscreen, and you’ve got one very pasty beauty blogger in the summer. Luckily for me, there seems to be a new breed of tinted body lotions hitting the market for gals like me who a) don’t want to self-tan or sun-tan and b) don’t want to blind strangers on the street with glow-in-the-dark skin. Unlike similar products of years past, the 2013 crop of these tinted body lotions have finally achieved perfection: they are richly pigmented, deeply conditioning, give realistic bronze color, and actually don’t rub off on clothes. Below are my top 3 faves:

LORACLORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer  — This bronzy/brown body makeup contains a good dose of shimmer to cover any imperfections instantly and give a better-than-natural radiant finish. The color is a bit more on the dark side but still sheer enough to let natural skin shine through, giving your limbs a beautiful wash of streak-free color. Once the lotion sets, it gives long wear coverage that doesn’t stain clothes as it wears through the day. Even though the TANtalizer is meant for all-over body use, the shimmer factor prompted me just to keep it to the legs.

caudalieCaudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion — This product wins, hands down, for best packaging and scent. The heavy glass container and divine fragrance make applying this product a little luxury in itself. The lotion isn’t as pigmented as LORAC but is build-able in coverage and gives skin more of a light, natural tan. The product also has a touch of shimmer to conceal any skin imperfections, is quick-dry, and works with all skin tones. Once dry, the lotion does not budge and I would trust using it even when wearing white. Since I tend to follow product labels, I use this primarily on legs though it would also work well on arms.

aerinAERIN Beach Cream for Hair and Body — Of all three products, this one offers the lightest coverage. In fact, the cream that comes out is more of peach than a deep bronze or tan. Once applied, however, the product gives skin a beautiful wash of color that is subtle, yet definitely makes a huge difference.  This is also my go-to cream for applying to arms and décolletage as it never runs the risk of looking unnatural or “caked-on.” A very slight shimmer helps to diffuse any imperfections and make skin-tone look healthy and radiant, never fake or orange. Plus the packaging reminds me of the beach, and never fails to put me in a lighthearted, happy mood.

Got any new fave discoveries of your own? Let me know!

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