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secretdeoWhen I planned my late September wedding, the idea was that the temperatures would be cooler and the weather nicer. What I forgot to account for was that the last three months leading up to the wedding (aka when things get realllly hectic), I would have to deal with planning in the sweltering summer heat. That’s right—running to meet vendors, coordinating appointments, dealing with guest list drama (don’t know a single bride who avoided that one)…all in 100 degree weather while trying to hold down a day job and not totally go insane. There’s only one hashtag for this: #StressSweat.  There are three main causes of sweat: activity, heat, and stress and in one fell swoop, I’m hitting all three. Thanks a lot, upcoming wedding!

However, I really lucked out when my friends over at Secret got wind of my less-than-glamorous summer and offered to help in the form of their  Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant. This product is formulated to stop sweat (any sweat, not just heat included sweat) and has totally been a lifesaver this season. Unlike many other products, Secret’s Stress Response Deodorant specifically addresses stress induced sweat—which in addition to straight up feeling awkward, also tends to smell. The deodorant formula contains proprietary technology that traps and locks away odor to neutralize it and then releases a fresh scent, instead of just covering it up since that usually make you smell even worse. The deodorant comes in a pretty citrus scent (which not only matches my favorite perfume of the moment) but also keeps me feeling energized (in a good way) throughout the day.

Since wearing the deodorant, I’ve noticed that it really kept my sweating in check! Even while running around in July heat, I was sweating a lot less (and smelling a lot better). I love that the product leaves no residue and wasn’t irritating to my skin at all. The deodorant is one of those twist up formulations and is a lot softer than the usual stick deodorant so you want to make sure to give it some time to dry before putting on clothes (in fact, Secret recommends applying this product at night before bed for effective protection the next day…but I sometimes forget). Once in place though, it soothes skin and provides maximum wetness protection and preventing the stress sweat. Just want I needed when I heard what my florist was going to charge me for some centerpieces!

Got your own #SweatStress stories? Share with me (@tdailyobsession) and Secret (@SecretDeodorant) on social media with the hashtag #StressSweat!

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