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vichySteamy August is a great time to re-evaluate your sun protection, which every dermatologist highly recommends no matter what age you are, from 6 months to 100 years!

Right now, I am in love with Vichy’s innovative air-mousse sunscreen, Capital Soleil SPF 50 lightweight foaming lotion, which allows me to indulge in a full-body mousse sensation while getting my much-needed sun protection on quickly. This light-as-air formula instantly smooths and softens the skin minus the annoying chalky residue while safeguarding skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The waterproof mousse is genius because it’s not only a pleasure to apply, it gives fantastic coverage unlike sprays which just go into the air, or lotions which take forever to get everything covered. The formula is non-greasy and non-sticky, so it doesn’t end up feeling heavy. I find that even when I’m sweating, it doesn’t end up streaking white like so many other sunscreens–a major faux pas in my book! Over time, the silky texture improves skin quality and helps prevent sun damage, using white grape polyphenols and vitamin E for an antioxidant boost.

philosophyAs for facial coverage, it took me all summer to find the perfect every-day all-day moisturizer with SPF. I should have known to look no further than my beloved Philosophy line (really, how can you refuse a daily dose of deeper positive thinking?) for Take a Deep Breath Oil-free SPF 30 Moisturizer. It actually has me excited to cleanse, apply and go every morning! I’m particularly difficult when it comes to daily moisturizers, because the heavy feeling and smell of some SPF products make me feel queasy and claustrophobic. When I first tried Take a Deep Breath, I literally had to do just that and breath a sigh of relief because it felt so light on my skin and I haven’t used anything else since. It absorbs almost instantly with barely any smell, and gives my skin a fresh feeling while antioxidants protect it from sun, smoke, and smog. My skin is lightly hydrated and feels breathable with no heaviness or greasiness at all. UVA and UVB rays are effectively blocked and I’m happy that the SPF is 30, not 15 like many other daily moisturizers.

philWhen fall rolls around (btw how is this even possible already), I’ll be switching back to richer moisturizer which is another philosophy goody: Hope in a Jar for Dry Skin SPF 20. My skin changes like a chameleon when the drier air moves in, and it drinks up the extra hydration and richness like a sponge. Hope in a Jar on its own is a cult favorite of philosophy lovers everywhere, and the addition of SPF creates a convenient all-in-one step which encourages that important element of sun protection which is needed year round, not just in the summer. The tube is handy for traveling and with a little practice, I’m able to squeeze out just enough to cover my face and keep it happy. Don’t want to apply a separate BB cream? Try Hope in a Jar A to Z Cream SPF 20, which comes in three shades to complement your complexion. A little philosophy every day brings some food for the soul at the same time your face gets its protection and pampering!


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