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3 More Inches. It seems like every year,usually around this time of year, I’m trying to will my hair to do just that. I dream of long, luscious locks a la Peony Lim, but a combination of summer damage and just not having the right genes, means that my strands are usually looking a little more scraggly than shiny by the time August rolls around. This year, however, thanks to a month of using Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches line religiously, my hair’s looking a lot healthier and glossier than it has in a long time. Though I’m usually never too partial to any particular shampoo and tend to use whatever’s at my disposal, I am now definitely a 3 More Inches convert.

Damaged hair is caused by the hair’s internal protein structure breaking down due to stressors like daily wear, pollution, and chemicals. Dubbed “life extending haircare,” the basis of the 3 More Inches line is a complex of naturally derived cashmere proteins that mimic the hair’s natural protein structure, and penetrate deep into the hair shaft to repair the broken bonds and protect hair from further damage. All three products in the haircare line, a pre-wash treatment, shampoo, and conditioner, contain this formula in order to treat and repair hair with every use. Unlike many other haircare lines, however, what you won’t find is a bunch of superfluous ingredients such as silicone that are simply designed to coat strands and make it feel silkier temporarily. According to Van Clarke, most hair care on the market are more like “hair cosmetics” that provide a quick fix but aren’t designed for long term treatment. The difference with 3 More Inches, he says, is that he formulated the products with the goal of improving the quality of hair in the long run.

The treatment, shampoo, and conditioner are all incredibly light and have a texture I would describe as a “heavier” water. When applied to hair, the products leaves absolutely no stickiness or tackiness and rinses out easily. I actually apply the pre-wash treatment before bed every night since the product absorbs instantly without coating hair with any residue that could come off on my bedding. I also love that the entire line is unscented, a rare thing when it comes to haircare. A quick wash in the morning leaves my strands glossy, shiny, and most importantly, feeling healthy, all day long. With the help of 3 More Inches, perhaps growing out my hair this year won’t be so far-fetched after all.

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