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certified_organic_anti-aging_serum“Everything that we put on our bodies must be nutritious and safe,” says Horst M. Rechelbacher, the founder of Intelligent Nutrients, who is an active environmentalist changing world of beauty. I couldn’t agree more–it makes total sense, doesn’t it? I am a firm believer that the food you eat makes a huge difference in your health and appearance, so it follows that what seeps into our bodies from the outside should be carefully sourced as well. I sampled and fell in love with two products from Intelligent Nutrients, the Anti-Aging Serum and Organic Hair Shine.

My skin is fed and glowing with clarity as soon as I apply the oil-based Certified Organic Anti-Aging Serum, which combats dryness as it nourishes. With autumn’s inevitable cool-down on the way, I now feel prepared! The unique blend of argan and acai oils protect skin from fall’s drying wind gusts while boosting elasticity. The results are undeniable, and I can actually see my fine lines (crinkles!) fading. I’m currently using the serum at least once a day before bed, so the oils can work magic and literally create beauty sleep for me. Because of the hydrating properties, I don’t even need a separate moisturizer since it acts as a barrier to seal nutrients and moisture in. I use a gentle cleanser, then just one pump of the serum covers my whole face, then one more pump for neck and decolletage. I massage it in using gentle, circular motions, and it’s soothing and calming as it absorbs. My face actually looks younger in the morning, and any irritation or redness is happily absent. My mind is at ease knowing that night after night, the serum I’m generously applying is certified organic. The treatment also contains antioxidants to affect skin on a cellular level, restoring collagen and elastin production.

certified_organic_hair_shineI’ve also been a bit obsessed with my hair lately, and as far as I can remember, I’ve always lusted after the too-good-to-be-true TV commercial hair. I was overjoyed to find that Certified Organic Hair Shine adds just the right amount of light-catching luster to my locks. It took a few tries to figure out just how much would work on my hair (I tend to get overzealous), but I am happy with the results–just a few spritzes will work in after a quick comb-through. Of course, the best part is knowing that I’m not putting a bunch of chemicals in my hair, but actually feeding it with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and grape seed oil to achieve that natural, beautiful shine. It works on all hair types, and it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t pull anything down as long as you don’t go overboard with application. My main problems in the past have been frizzy hair and flyaways, and the spray puts an end to those. The final product is a healthy, polished, and shiny hairdo, whether it’s straight down or up in a braid or twist. For color-treated locks, it really brings a vibrancy back to it, and opens up another dimension. The shine spray will take a dull head of hair and add sheen and protection to get to that gorgeous ‘do you can shake and swish–just be ready for the compliments!

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