Beauty, MakeupNARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation: Worth It?

Nars Radiant Cream Compact FoundationLight. Dry. Olive. Freckled. That’s my skin in a nutshell.

Like many mixed-race gals, or actually, just gals in general, I find it hard to choose a foundation that matches my exact skin shade and tone — so I usually settle for something sheer in the “Ivory” or “Light Neutral” category. When I first heard NARS was releasing a new Radiant Cream Compact Foundation in 20 shades (yes, 20 shades!), I thought, “Finally! They must have the perfect match!” But alas, the closest I could find was Deauville (a light shade with a neutral balance of pink and yellow undertone). I must confess, I thought this shade would be too dark, too thick and too warm at first, but au contraire, it worked out beautifully!

NARS Founder and Creative Director Francois Nars refers to this foundation as the “best of all worlds” — liquid foundations, powder foundations and tinted moisturizers. The formula is super light and quite sheer, which is great because I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation. But it’s also very hydrating, which quenches my dry skin. When I apply the foundation dry, it provides a superfine powder-like (almost airbrush) finish. When I apply it wet, it provides a dewier finish. The pigment is just enough, and it’s easily buildable for more coverage in trouble areas. (I don’t even have to use concealer most days.) And (major brownie points), it doesn’t leave a creamy residue on my glasses!

But the big question is, at $48 ($38 for the refillable foundation and $10 for the empty compact), is it worth the price?

Hmm … I say yes, IF you have the money to spend and IF you find one that works with your skin tone. I’ve been using this foundation for two weeks now and I’m making a pretty decent dent in the square of cream, so I’m guessing each foundation refill lasts about a month or two. (Feel free to check back in to see if that estimate is right!) In any case, it’s definitely worth trying out at your local NARS flagship store or makeup counter.

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