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rahua_omega_9Recently I noticed that my hair, when air dried, was looking a lot better than it used to. Frizz, kinks, and the odd volume issues I used to suffer from were replaced with overall smoother, sleeker, and shinier locks. My day-to-day routine hadn’t changed so I knew that my hair transformation was due to one thing– the Rahua Omega 9 Pro Treatment that I had gotten done at Arte Salon a few weeks ago.

This is the first professional treatment from the uber-nourishing, organic hair brand Rahua and it promises to restore damaged hair in a thirty minute service that includes shampoo, conditioner, and an oil-based mask. The fifteen minute mask treatment is infused with omega- 9 rich pure ungurahua oil, which is grown and sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest. Ungurahua oil not only helps to strengthen and regenerate hair, but it also helps to remove toxins that may have built up in the hair, resulting in strands that are healthier and more nourished. The treatment also includes a head massage and Palo Santo (“holy wood”) incense, which helps to relax the mood. The overall treatment is quick and easy and hair is immediately transformed with long lasting (2 weeks and counting!) results. You can also maintain your treatment results for longer by applying the at home Omega-9 Mask once a week.

Currently there are only a handful of salons on NY, LA, and Dallas that offer the treatment. For NYC gals, make sure to check it out at Mizu Salon and Arte Salon!

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