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I decided a few weeks ago that I had to end it all… frizzy hair, that is! This summer in particular, I’ve been wearing headbands and scarves incessantly (love the Hermes Twilly colors!), just trying to keep a bird’s nest situation from taking place atop my head. With thicker hair and a sudden plethora of baby hairs, I began earnestly exploring hair treatments. After an abundance of research and polling women for the secrets to their beautiful hair, the one came most highly recommended was the Brazilian Blowout. The keratin-based treatment eliminates frizz and straightens hair for up to three months, and can even work on hair that’s been chemically treated. The unique thing about the Brazilian Blowout is that besides smoothing and de-frizzing, it actually improves the health of your hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft. The result is smooth, healthy, and shiny hair–my dream come true!

I turned to the experts at Salon Ziba, who patiently answered my gazillion questions about options for treatment and what to expect. I learned that there are two main options for the blowout: the original treatment, which is most effective for dramatic results, and the newer Zero treatment. I opted for the Zero treatment both because it produces zero formaldehyde gas during the procedure and I also didn’t want super-straight hair, just less frizz. It was the perfect compromise for me. I must say that the original treatment works much more effectively for curly or kinky hair, and due to many changes in recent years to minimize inhalation of any gas produced, the procedure is safer. Even for the Zero treatment, a large ventilator was used and the heated straightener (which is when most gas is produced) had a vacuum component built in to suck out fumes as soon as they are produced. Brazilian Blowout has also voluntarily doubled their education efforts to ensure that stylists are using the product properly.

The bright and airy high-ceilinged downtown Manhattan location of the salon was a perfect setting for my first experience, and Guillaume, the dapper young French stylist didn’t hurt either! The whole procedure took about two hours, but I really didn’t mind it, especially with the relaxing scalp massages during the multiple washes and rinses required for the procedure. I left feeling like a new person, and didn’t see a single baby hair sticking up- no ponytail or headband needed. The real reward came that night when I met up with a girlfriend for dinner, she remarked that I looked years younger! It’s really hard to argue with that one… Now, even two weeks post-treatment, I’m loving my hair. It not only feels softer and healthier, but much less frizzy and needs only a quick blow dry to look fabulous. I’ve been conscientious about using some sulfate-free shampoos, as I adore the results of Brazilian Blowout and hope to preserve them to the last second!

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  1. Zoya  |  17 August 2015 at 2:22 PM

    Salon Ziba is amazing. May write a blog about it on my website Will keep you posted.


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