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A couple weeks before our “summer’s last hurrah” trip to Miami, I finally faced the reality (with some panic) that I’d have to be in a swimsuit in public for a week. As I slowly floated back down to earth, I also realized that all that eating, drinking, and playing (ie. not going to the gym) I did over the summer was not simply going to disappear from my system. It was time to call in the pros at Urban Remedy, a company whose philosophy is that “food is medicine,” and fuses traditional healing methods and a fresh approach to health. Their juice regimens use only 100% organic and sustainable ingredients, and are created by founder Neka Pasquale, a chef who has studied healing and various traditional therapies. I decided to go for the Super Green Cleanse, because as my hubby always says, go big or go home, right? I wanted maximal results with the most detox I could manage in a day, and it turned out to be quite an adventure, detailed below. 

Cleanse Day Journal: So far, it’s 10 AM I’m done with the first juice, Dynamo, and feel hydrated and satiated. Even though the juice is full of veggies like cucumber, parsley, celery, spinach and kale, it’s a pretty mild and even refreshing beverage. I love the cucumber’s clean and summery taste, and it makes me feel like I’m at a faraway spa, not at work! Whenever I’ve done a cleanse in the past, my body temperature is lower than usual so I dressed like it’s winter for the office. Hunger is not an issue this morning, possibly because I’m so psyched for the cleanse to take me through the day.

Juice 2, Refresh, looks like it’s almost glowing! It’s a light, easy to drink combination of lemons, chlorophyll, and ionized water. It’s sweetened with Stevia, so I’m making the most of the hint of sweetness. I love how there are six different juices during the day, so I can look forward to some variety. I’m starting to think about food, so I quickly redirect my mind to the end product- a cleansed body! Ok, confession: I broke down and ate a few dry-roasted almonds. Now back to the straight and narrow!

Clear is a return to dark green veggie juice, which I enjoy since it’s more savory: it features burdock root, celery, cucumber, spinach and parsley. It works out perfectly that I’m at midday now, and need the energizing boost which this gives!

Soothe was a bit of a wake-up with the spicy ginger, my tastebuds were happily stimulated. Packed with cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley and lemon, this is my favorite drink thus far.

Next up, I had been looking forward to the one orange-colored drink in the batch, Ensalada. It’s creamy and naturally sweet with carrots and yams in addition to the leafy greens. If only I could get such a huge helping of vegetables in my diet every day! At this point, I’m getting a mild headache as warned, which is my body ridding itself of toxins and adjusting to a different style of nutrients. To be honest, I’m happy to have a physical sign that it’s working.

I’m finally on Glow, and pretty excited about it. Amazingly, my hunger pangs have subsided and I feel great. I’ve rehydrated with a ton of water, and am almost sad to see it end.

At the end of the day, I’ll be frank–I am pretty proud of myself for getting through it and doing wonders for my body with all the vitamins pumped into it. However, I can’t wait to ease back into solid food tomorrow! The one-day cleanse is like a reset button for me, both mentally and physically. For a soft landing back, I’m snacking on Urban Remedy’s Lemon and Ginger Brittles, which are totally yummy with a light, flaky texture (especially if you like bananas), and healthy. After my one-day cleanse, I feel like I can take on the world with my refreshed body and fortified immune system (or at least all that Miami can bring on!).

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