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Maybe it’s the change of season or maybe it’s because you know..I’m getting married any day now..but I’ve been completely obsessing with stepping it up with the home decor (I’ve also been dreaming about a new apartment but that’s another story). Not only have I totally been going nuts on my Pinterest board with pinning alllll the inspiration, I’ve actually started buying new dressings for my home. The first place I turned to, of course, was Sferra— a long time favorite brand when it comes to anything and everything luxury linens. My top picks for fall are below:


sferradorsey1. Sferra Dorsey Cashmere Blanket

My absolute favorite investment so far is the Sferra Dorsey cashmere blanket which I bought for myself as an early wedding present. I discovered the luxury of a cashmere throw completely by accident–the weather in New York had gottenmuch  cooler practically overnight and the only thing I had in the house to cover up with was a large cashmere scarf. Despite the fact that my fiance called it a “postage stamp”–it was a scarf after all–night after night he fights me for just a little corner of the cashmere. It’s the softest, most cuddly material you could sleep under. Sferra’s 50×70 version makes it a little easier for us to share and even though it’s light weight, it’s blissfully warm and oh-so-soft.

sferrasomerset2. Sferra Somerset Down Pillows

Real down pillows are another one of those completely “adult” purchases. Yes, they’re a bit of a splurge but the idea is that (as an adult), you’ll also take better care of them. And seeing that I’m already a pillow person, the investment was totally worth it! The pillows are carefully constructed with down clusters that are designed to interlock and trap air (to keep you warm) but also not lump or settle to keep you comfortable. The pillows come in soft, medium, and firm. Combined with the cashmere blanket, the pillows have already upgraded my nightly sleep from the usual “passing out” to complete bliss.


tilton3. Sferra Titon Table Runner

Of course it’s not fair that I keep all my new goodies to myself in my bedroom, so I also picked up a few seasonal touches for all the entertaining I’d like to start doing as a newly wed. First up, is the Titon table settings with napkins and their beautiful seasonal table runner. I love the graceful cascade of falling leaves and the muted colors that are seasonal and festive yet not overly bright or scream “Thanksgiving!” Matched with bordered white napkins, the runner adds just the right touch without going overboard. Now all I need to do is order the wine and we’re ready to hosting the dinner parties!



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