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MAKE UP FOR EVER has just put all the other brands on notice because they’re introducing a new Artisan Brush Collection that involves a whopping SEVENTY-SIX brushes. Seventy-six! I didn’t even know that many were possible! The brushes range from the kind that you’ll use every day to more specialized ones that you would only use on special occasions–there is seriously a brush for anything and everything you could ever want to do on your face or body. The creation of the brushes has been a five year process for MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Creator and Artistic Director, Dany Sanz: the construction of each brush involved twenty-five unique stages and each one was hand-crafted by a total of thirty people from beginning to end. That’s a lot of detail!

The brushes are each given a number and the numbers correspond to a specific type of brush. The 100s are for complexion brushes, the 200s are for eye brushes, the 300s are for lip brushes and the 400s are artistic brushes designed especially for professionals. And there are SO many different choices. For eyes alone, you get everything from a Smudger Brush to a Blender Brush to a Sponge Applicator to a Shader Brush. The brushes even have different types of bristles–wavy or straight.  Straight fibers give you a more generous and precise application while wavy bristles are more splayed, allowing a lighter and freer application.  You learn something new every day!

Select brushes will be available this month at Sephora stores, and the entire collection of brushes will be available on and MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques this month as well.

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