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Being a new mom means that my days are now full of discovery…of the latest and greatest kid gear! Below are my three favorites of the moment.


Lollacup. I can’t gush enough about this simple but well-made weighted-straw travel cup. The idea is that toddlers haven’t figured out (along with not throwing food on the floor) that gravity will prevent straws from being as effective as they want. So the smart people who look out for all of us parents came up with Lollacup, which allows sipping even at horizontal angles. I love that the cups are free of BPAs and made exclusively in the USA, and feature a cute chick-face on the cover (we just have to say “cock-a-doodle-doo” and our lil girl knows to come have a sip of water). As for the parent aspect, the straw disassembles easily for quick cleanup and even includes a nifty brush for the inside of the straw. Lollacup is built for battle, as it’s taken quite a few tumbles from the high chair and still looks new. For travel, the top flips forward to prevent spills in the go-bag. What’s not to love?

catchCatch. I always melt when I see dads and their sons, there’s something about that bond that is so special. Enter Catch, the new e-zine for uber-cool dads who will be the hero to their mini-me with suggestions from the site. I always wonder how guys grow up knowing manly stuff like outdoor skills, throwing a football in that spirally pattern, and fixing things under the sink. Enter Catch, a catalyst for ideas on father-son activities that venture beyond the prosaic: outdoor finger-painting (hope mom can sneak in the action too!), getting kids excited about working out, and even fun reading (gasp!). The concise articles are witty and fun to read, and could really enrich a relationship. Catch is a celebration of fatherhood, helping to create those memories that sons will carry with them and pass on to their sons (sniff!).

noodleboohandwashNoodle & Boo. A la Royal Baby Georgie, every baby is royalty in their parents’ eyes! We want to give the best of the best to our baby, and in my book, Noodle & Boo’s baby hand wash and body wash are indispensable in cleaning those little hands and bodies up. I love the body wash’s clear soap-free and tearless formula which smells sweet, clean and delicate as it conditions and moisturizes baby’s skin (I find myself sneaking little sniffs after her bath, just can’t resist). Now that it’s fall, my baby’s eczema is starting to rear its ugly head, so Noodle & Boo’s soothing body wash can be used as a moisturizing soak, allowing allantoin and rich milk protein to calm dry patches. Vitamin B and E also condition the skin, so after a warm bath, skin is cleansed without stripping moisture. Dermatologists and pediatricians have placed their seal of approval on the body wash, which is mild enough even for a newborn.

The hand wash comes in a handy tall pump, which we rush to as soon as we get back home. Like the body wash, it’s soap-free and cleans without stealing moisture away from little hands. I sometimes have to wash my baby’s hands a few times a day, and with any other hand wash, her skin gets scaly. Vitamins A, C, and E nourish skin between washings, while the formula does tough duty on bacteria and germs.



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