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I work long hours at the office and go out a lot of times afterwards (I mean, who doesn’t need an after work drink..every day), so I really need my makeup to last as long as possible. Because as much as I say I’m going to touch up after work, I really only do it about half of the time (or less) because it’s just a pain. If I’ve already set aside time for makeup during the day, I don’t want to do it again! I’m just lazy that way, ok? So I’m really loving the duo of Stila’s new CC Cream Stick and Stay All Day Concealer.   It’s quick, easy and gives me the look of a flawless complexion that lasts straight through after work drinks.  It’s the perfect combo! 

The CC Cream Stick is very cool because it helps to color-correct, it reduces redness, and it brightens skin while covering any imperfections you might want to hide.  It also has a ton of ingredients that are good for your skin, so it won’t make you break out, but it will help give you an even skin tone and smooth out lines that you don’t want people to see.  It also has a buildable coverage, which I like because on the weekends, I like for my skin to breathe a little, so this is the perfect way to let that happen.  I just put a stripe on each cheek, one on my forehead, and then one on my chin and blend away.  During the week, when I need to look a little more polished, I usually put on a few more stripes for a little bit more coverage.  Plus, I love that it comes in a stick because I can just throw it in my bag and go and know that if I do want to touch up later, it’s right there.  I don’t even need a brush.  Simple.

The Stay All Day Concealer comes in a tiny little container, but it packs a punch.  It’s a full-coverage formula that blends in easily and helps my dark circles and the few freckles I have disappear.  I love the feel of this on my skin – it’s totally weightless and blends in completely, making my skin still look natural, but covering everything I want to cover.  And it lasts ALL day on me.  I rarely have to reapply, but if I do, it’s super easy because the container is so portable and again, I just apply it with my fingers so I don’t need to take anything else with me.  It also has vitamins A, C and E in it and they provide antioxidant benefits, while also helping to prevent premature aging.  And it comes in a whopping sixteen shades.  You can’t beat that!

You can pick them up at ULTA stores or at

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