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In New York, there’s always a wait for anything good! After my long-anticipated facial with Cecilia Wong, I can now see why she is considered a guru for facials in a city full of the best spas and salons. It was difficult to choose from Cecilia’s carefully crafted menu of treatments, but I finally settled on the Hello, Moisture facial treatment since autumn is upon us and moisture will be harder to come by! I admired Cecilia’s own flawless and glowing skin as she welcomed me to her downtown spa location, a spacious and airy oasis over the hustle and bustle of the city. As we sat down, Cecilia reviewed my concerns, and actually custom tailored the facial to my needs. I have a tendency to get patches of red, irritated skin as the seasons change, which were addressed with the soothing facial.

The Hello, Moisture was one of the most technologically advanced facials I’ve ever had, which was a perfect complement to Cecilia’s own eponymous holistic product line. Ingredients sourced in nature often have the highest stabilized contents of vitamins, so they are preserved in as natural a form as possible and used in treatment. First, a Vitamin C cleanser was applied, which contains black currant (five times the amount of Vita C as in oranges!) and omegas which are excellent for oily skin. Next, she gently massaged in a black currant serum to infuse even more Vitamin C. An ultrasonic was used to bind the serum and moisture in, which was enhanced with Vitamin C powder (just can’t get enough!). The ultrasonic was applied very carefully and slowly to every square inch of my face. I felt a warming sensation as the ultrasonic encouraged deep penetration of the vitamins and antioxidants. Next up, I almost fell asleep with the LED light treatment- I felt warm and tingly while the light stimulated cells, increasing the production of collagen and elastin. This works to firm skin and erase wrinkles, and continues working even when the treatment is over, so Cecilia encouraged me to use SPF and stay out of direct sunlight for a few more days. I have had a few unsightly breakouts lately, and the LED helps with bacteria elimination in order to head off more breakouts, and help with peeling skin as well. Since I am blessed with some sun freckles aka hyperpigmentation, repeated use of LED would be just what the doctor ordered, as the light treatment can help even out skin over time (every 3-4 weeks is recommended). Finally, the hyperbaric oxygen spray of almost pure oxygen at 98% was cool and refreshing as little bursts of air infused with a secret concoction was applied. Secret concoction? I had to pry it out, but I managed to get some clues to the composition of this serum of youth: aloe, rose toner, and hyaluronic acid are the major components (shhh, don’t tell!). I could immediately see the results of vitamin-pumped skin, which lasted for days after the facial. Even my husband commented on my skin, and it’s hard for him to notice much at all. Cecilia’s expertise and knowledge of skin has converted me, she’s New York’s best!


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