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hairclipsEven though my lil’ girl has a while before she has enough hair for braids and ponytails, I adore finding mini bows for her hair to complete an outfit (and make sure that no one thinks she’s a boy!). One of my favorite sites to find the cutest accessories is Lil Sugarplum. Started by a creative mom who dreamed of making hair accessories for her daughter, she named the company “Lil Sugarplum” after the nickname her father gave her when she was young. Any imaginable shape, bow, and animal, and even fruit (think cherries!) can be found on the seemingly endless pages of Lil Sugarplum. The clips will actually stay in baby hair, even if there’s not much there! The baby hairclips are small and cute as a button, and stay in with a snap of the clip. The alligator clips are larger and work perfectly on a toddler, and are lined with velcro to ensure they stick. My favorite design is the little pink butterfly, which goes with pretty much any outfit and comes in two sizes, the alligator clip for a more dramatic look, and the adorable baby clip. The clips are top quality and won’t end up losing tightness after a few wears. The vibrant colors and fabrics are even better looking in person, which is a rarity! Even for newborns, Lil Sugarplum’s stretchy-soft headbands add a splash of color and girliness to any outfit, perfect for meeting grandparents or getting portraits done. Just be prepared for lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs” and other moms asking where to find the clips. I’ve got my eye on a Hello Kitty clip- just irresistible!

moohatWith the blustery weather comes the question- how to keep those little baby heads nice and toasty in style? From the second a newborn comes into the world, stylish moms everywhere are looking for the perfect little hat to match the cuteness of that button nose! I, for one, am not so keen on the hospital hats, so while on my search for design and quality, I came across Melondipity. The company was started by some amazing parents (I’m wondering where all these super-parents find time to start creative companies where I can barely get my hair brushed in the morning). I couldn’t help squeal at the cozy cute designs for newborns up to 5 year olds. There are creative hats to make you laugh (turkey drumstick hat, anyone?), and those to make you melt at the cuteness.

For a baby girl, my fave design is the Pink Sparkles Newborn Girl Hospital Hat. This soft number has an oversized flower on the front, making a statement without being overwhelming. The “sparkles” are more of a pretty shimmer, subtle so they don’t take the spotlight from that angelic newborn face. The pale baby pink is perfect for bringing out the hues of rosy new skin! Most importantly, the stretchy fabric is ultra-soft and comfortable for a newborn head and holds up well in the wash. This hat keeps her little head warm and toasty in style, injecting a little fashion into those first few weeks of life.

Baby boys quickly become rambunctious little balls of energy, but while they’re infants they are such angels! This crocheted baby blue Moo Moo Cow Hat is the cutest little thing ever with stitched button eyes. The quality is top-notch in thickness and knit, and will withstand washing, crumpling, and even getting run over with a stroller (not that that has EVER happened to me…). The details on the hat are so sweet, down to the braided ties under the neck.

So once a baby girl is moving onto toddlerhood, there’s that sweet spot where her clothes and accessories are both cute and starting to look like a little lady.  Melondipity’s Maroon Herringbone Newsgirl Toddler Girl Hat is for the chic little girl who’s wearing denim skirts and pink boots looking like a Brooklyn hipster-in-training! The wooly hat, which in my opinion looks even better in person, is functional in cold weather, keeping her petite head warm. If you have a budding fashionista in your life like I do (all you cool aunts out there, take note), she’ll love it as soon as she glimpses herself in the mirror. From fall through spring, the newsgirl hat adds a kick to any outfit and is a must-have.

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