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I’m absolutely ecstatic to be escaping to my beloved Paris for a few days this week! It’s been a year since I was last there, and when I’ve been away for a while I start to feel a yearning tickle under my skin for the charming streets, delicate pastries, and of course the effortless-chic fashion. I love Paris in all seasons, but autumn is my favorite time to go when the big tourist rush is over and the crisp chill is in the air making it perfect for tea and croissants in the afternoon. Before I take off, I always have to go over my wardrobe with a discerning eye (often leading to a frenzy), when I try to find that outfit that’s been waiting for the right moment to be taken out. Just in time for my trip, I have fallen for the only thing that could make me even more excited for the hop over to France: Guerlain’s Crazy Paris Holiday Collection. Each exquisite creation in the collection speaks to the glamour of Paris, inspired by the bright lights that illuminate the city at night. Guerlain is celebrating its reopening of its flagship boutique in Paris at 68 Champs Elysees, hence the “68” theme for the beautiful packaging of each piece.

The piece de resistance of the limited-edition collection is the La Petite Robe Noire So Crazy! Perfumed Shimmer Powder, which is an absolute delight: one squeeze of the neon pink bulb fills the air with a loose pink powder mingled with the most delicate sparkles. The light perfume is a luxurious blend of black cherry and Bulgarian rose tea and brings nostalgic memories and future promise of Parisian adventure of getting lost in the cobbled winding streets. I feel transformed as I release the powder into the air, then close my eyes and step into the magical little cloud to catch the powder on my hair and face. In an instant, the powder transforms my mood and gives flight to those butterflies you get with the promise of a surprise-filled evening. The elegant bottle adds sophisticated eye-candy to any dresser and is a reminder of sparkly occasions.

Guerlain’s Terracotta collection is one of the most iconic in cosmetics, a legendary powder whose lightness and color captures light to highlight cheekbones (and create the illusion of them!). The Terracotta adds a subtle but glamorous dimension to the face while helping to create a smooth overall complexion. The Crazy 68 Healthy Glow Terracotta Bronzer is the first ever Holiday Terracotta, which in addition to neutral tones features a peach-hued harmony infused with invigorating bursts of pink. This added splash of color makes the special edition more than just a bronzer, and can also be used as blush. Even if I apply a little more, the effect is still quite light which is perfect for transitioning from early evening to late night festivities. I love the flushed, young look it gives, as if just rushing into the warmth of a Parisian restaurant from a crisp walk along the Seine. It looks natural going on, adding just the right warm highlights and stays on the whole evening, so you’re free to dance the night away!

guerlain-crazy-paris-holiday-collection-2013-10It took me a minute to figure out how to reveal the lipstick in the black laquered Crazy 68 Rouge Automatique case, but with one smooth motion of the neon lever (and just one hand needed!) the gorgeous color bursts out, ready for use. In a search for that special shade to make everything pop, I went for 660 Illusion, a sparkling plum, which feels luxuriously rich gliding on. The color actually shows up on my lips as a vibrant pop of darker pink with a lot of depth! The finish is sheer but very pigmented, and I’d recommend a liner to add definition and tip the scales to go either a little darker or capitalize on the pink plummy hues. I don’t feel the dryness that a lot of lipsticks give, so it can be easily worn solo or with another layer of nude gloss on top.

To polish off the collection is the La Laque Couleur for nails. The Crazy Paris Sulfurous shade, a deep grey-black, gives the illusion of depth as it shimmers with a violet undertone. Festive all the way down to the fingertips, the lacquer is infused with pearlized crystal to create a dazzling effect. I’m always afraid of black polish coming off as too dark or gothic, but this is a few shades short of that, and is well-rounded with shades of grey and violet that come across with the right light. I appreciate the flat brush for application, which covers the nail efficiently and evenly. Magnifique!

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