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I had a roommate who every once in a while would tell everyone in the house to “look alive.” I used to think that was a funny comment, but now as I’ve gotten older and life has gotten, generally speaking, a lot more stressful, I think back to her sentiment and whole-heartily agree. It’s a funny thing living in New York City—a place with boundless energy—that it can often leave you feeling anything but energetic. This fall, going into my eighth year in Manhattan (officially a New Yorker!) and newly married, I’m determined to change that. This season, in partnership with Olay Regenerist, I’m all about firing up my energy, reinvigorating myself (mind, body, skin) and in the words of my friend “looking a lot more alive.”

How exactly am I planning on doing this? First up—body. Thanks to my September wedding, I spent the summer being pretty active, taking to running trails in Central Park and finally getting a Pure Yoga membership. Though I enjoyed a few (maybe more) pasta dishes as soon as I got out of my form fitting white dress, I’m determined not to give up my newly active lifestyle. I generally tend to feel pretty lethargic during the cooler months, but I’m fighting the urge to vegetate by keeping up with my hot vinyasa practice. Finally nailing a difficult pose and the rush of energy coming out of class makes waking up early in the mornings totally worth it.

I also want to energize my mind by learning a new skill. I’ve been talking about this for yeaaaarrs but now that the wedding is over, it’s time to take on a new hobby. One of my favorite parts of planning my wedding was finding (and loving!) my photographer and it made me realize that I also desired to have the skills to capture all the beautiful moments around me. So it’s off to photography class I go! Wednesday nights, 8:30-10:30PM—I just signed up for it while writing this post.

Now with such early mornings (yoga) and late evenings (classes), my skin is bound to look tired, too. So, now in addition to energizing my body and mind, I also need skincare that’ll keep my complexion energized through it all. This is where Olay Regenerist comes in—their entire line has been reformulated with new Skin Energizing Technology which reinvigorates tired skin to help it better absorb and respond to active ingredients in the products. As it turns out, many women may have skin that’s just tired, rather than old—and lethargic skin definitely isn’t working its best to turn over. Just like how our body’s metabolism slows down when we age (oh do I know this too well), so does our skin’s. The new Skin Energizing Technology not only helps to “wake up” tired skin, it also helps deliver the essential anti-aging ingredients deeper into the dermis so you actually get results. I’m about to give this new technology a whirl during the next couple months, so stay tuned to learn more (and possibly see some original photography if those classes turn out to be a success)!

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