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SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Elemental Energy Eye Shadow Palette

I almost always love the SEPHORA + PANTONE collections when they come out every season and this fall is no exception.  The limited-edition products are meant to convey the energy of nature’s elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – through color, texture and design.  It’s a really interesting idea – the colors were inspired by shifting climates and atmospheric conditions, so you get a wide spectrum of shades ranging from bolds to neutrals.  The collection includes a number of different products – Jumbo Eye Pencils, Molten Liquid Liners, etc… and so far I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Elemental Energy Eye Shadow Palette and three of the four Elemental Energy Lacquers

The Elemental Energy Eye Shadow Palette has sixteen different shades in it and they’re an interesting mix of semi-matte, shimmer and glitter finishes.  They’re separated into four different quads, each of which is embossed with elemental icons representing one of the four elements.  The shades themselves are all butter soft and blend easily, and with a primer, they last most of the day on me before starting to crease.  I love that there are so many different choices in one palette.  It’s not super small, so I don’t know that I’ll ever travel with it, but it is slim and the top is magnetic, so it’s easy to store in my drawers at home without making a mess of the shadows (not always possible with these multi-shade palettes).  I especially love the sparkly shades – there’s an emerald glitter and a sapphire one that I adore.  They’re perfect for creating dramatic nighttime looks, especially when paired with some of the lighter shades as highlighters.  And at $38 for sixteen (fairly big) shades, it’s a total bargain.

SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Elemental Energy Lacquer Collection

The four elements are represented in the nail lacquers with different four dimensional effects – earthly chrome, watery shimmer, airy sparkle, and fiery glitter.  They’re all very unique and interesting looking – no boring neutral shades here!  I think my favorite is Jaffa Orange – it’s hard to describe it, but it’s basically an orange, silver and green glitter.  SO pretty on toes.  I also love Blue Turquoise, a chrome that shade shifts depending on whether you’re inside or out.  Gorgeous.

I’m definitely going to have to remember to check out the rest of the collection the next time I hit Sephora.  Some of the Jumbo Waterproof Eye Pencils are calling my name!

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