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Who knew an entire spa treatment experience could come in such a cute little package? No, I’m not talking about a mini manicure kit or foot soak. What I am referring to of course, is the new Spa Sonic is an all-inclusive polisher system consisting of a facial cleansing brush, a large brush for the body, a pumice pad for rough areas, and a facial sponge for microdermabrasion and reduction of fine lines. In other words, it is a full-body and facial treatment in a budget-friendly package, ready to give immediate results! 

The idea behind the Spa Sonic is simple: the removal of impurities which collect deep in pores causing blemishes and inflammation will not only clarify skin, but allow whichever skin product you’re using to penetrate and be exponentially more effective than simply rubbing it into superficially cleansed skin. I love that the Spa Sonic can be used in the shower and all it takes is a simple change from brush to brush. Then voila, it’s ready to clean and exfoliate everything from the face to the body to crackly heels! After every use, my skin feels smoother and softer. I use it almost daily as the anti-irritating comfort bristles are gentle enough on my face, and I’ve noticed my pores looking a little tighter (especially on my nose, which can sadly resemble an orange peel). For super-sensitive skin, I’d recommend starting out using the brushes every few days, working up to every other day.

The interchangeable brushes all work on the same rotating handle, so there’s literally nothing else to buy. Even batteries are included so as soon as you get the Spa Sonic home, it’s ready to start making you a new, younger, and fresher version of you! If you’re thinking ahead to holiday gifts, this is so practical and yet indulgent for any woman, especially if they don’t have a regular beauty routine or can’t make it to the spa regularly. The Spa Sonic comes in white, lavender, and pink, making it more fun to choose and personalize.

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