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Now that the weather in New York is straight up cold and we’re pretty much sprinting towards winter, I’m revolting. No Starbucks holiday cups for me thanks–but please do bring on anything and everything tropical! It’s probably no coincidence that as the weather gets cooler, my shower rack is getting fruitier. Here are my favorite new tropical themed bath and body products that’s helping me get through this transition period, one cold day at a time.

alba1. Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Shampoo in Mango and Coconut Milk Conditioner. Ahhhh..first can we please talk about the scent? The shampoo smells like the juiciest mango and the conditioner like sweet milky coconut that makes morning showers feel like a little mini vacation. Honestly, I can’t stop drinking in the scent of these two products! If that wasn’t vacation enough, the products also welcome you to to take a “permanent vacation from flattening sulfates and heavy minerals in conventional shampoos”  with an ingredients list that’s missing parabens, artificial coloring, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate. The formula does include nourishing fruits such as mango and papaya and gentle botanical cleansers to lift away grime and dirt. The product suds up wonderfully and rinses away easily leaving soft hair that’s never weighed down. The conditioner is high in fatty acids and protein to help rebuild damaged strands and infused with coconut milk and tropical oils to lock in moisture, strengthen hair cuticles and protect from heat styling leaving my hair the longest and softest its ever been.

stivesspray2.St. Ives Naturally Indulgent Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract Fresh Hydration LotionWhile I may be in total denial about the weather, the cold front unfortunately is already starting to wreck havoc on my skin. These days my skin is so dry and itchy that not moisturizing is simply not an option. Thanks to the new continuous spray body lotion from St. Ives, the morning and evening moisturizing process is now easier and faster. I love that it’s mess free and can be applied with just one hand! The spray dispenses a light layer of lotion that absorbs into skin easily, providing deep hydration that lasts, and leaving just a subtle hint of tropical coconuts and orchids.

skintimate3. Skintimate Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel in Luscious Kiwi SplashOne perk of cooler weather is that you don’t have to shave anymore, you may think. But Skintimate’s enticingly fragranced gels actually make shaving a nice sensory experience. Plus the formula is infused with 11 moisturizers including Olive Butter and Vitamin E which leaves skin feeling softer and more hydrated after each use. Kiwi Splash, infused with juicy fruit and sweet melons, is my favorite fragrance for bringing back summer memories–and getting my gams ready for warmer days ahead. (Can you tell this girl is ready?!?!)


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