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Erno-Laszlo-Phormula-3-9-Eye-RepairSometimes a lady just needs to be pampered with the absolute best. When it comes to the eyes, I feel like this statement applies more than ever, and here’s why: I was told many years ago by a facial guru (when I thought I was too young to have even heard of eye cream) that it was necessary to start even then to preserve what I had. The thin skin around our eyes is the first thing to show age. I took that advice to heart, and have always taken special care to research eye creams for high quality ingredients and superb formulations. I’m currently obsessed with Erno Laszlo’s Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair, a gel-cream  which is the “caviar” of eye treatments. Erno Laszlo founded the eponymous skincare line in 1927, incorporating his expertise on skin pathology to develop a treatments used on Hungarian royalty. Ever since, it has remained the gold standard for skin treatments and is a favorite among Hollywood’s elite. The emollient Phormula 3-9 preserves the skin’s texture and appearance (best to start while you’re young, but it’s never too late to catch up!) while providing defense against environmental stressors. My little beauty secret is putting the jar in the fridge, so when I apply, it feels cool and refreshing and tightens my under-eye bags right up (a necessity after a long night!). The gel component is non-irritating and absorbs quickly, and I can barely feel any weight at all.

So how effective is this precious eye treatment? After a month of use (very sparingly, just like eating quality caviar!), I can tell that there are immediate differences as well as long term changes happening. The action of the gel-cream is three-fold. First, it hydrates with sweet almond oil, the effects of which are felt immediately. Skin is smoothed and soft, but does not feel greasy in the least. Next, pine extract protects to keep skin refreshed and healthy, no matter what the city throws at you- pollution, wind, stress, or cold. Repair is the final component, which is achieved by patented derivations of cultured raspberry cells, the best of nature’s own antioxidants. They work to neutralize harmful oxidizing pollutants, which urban areas are crawling with. The result is beautifully preserved skin which is strengthened, while looking its best. An added bonus is that my eye makeup goes on flawlessly after I apply the gel-cream since it smooths so well, and protects the skin even under makeup. I’ll be using the Eye Repair for the long term, and will be joining Greta Garbo as an Erno Laszlo convert!


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