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After being inspired by my recent experience with an amazing high-tech facial, I re-evaluated my skincare routine to see where I could take advantage of scientific advances on a daily basis. The ultrasound delivery of serum and moisturizer intrigued me, and I eventually discovered the Jenu ‘Active-Youth’ Skincare System. The system utilizes a professional-grade ultrasound system to infuse twelve times the amount of anti-aging ingredients into facial skin around the eyes and lips as opposed to traditional creams. When I stopped to think about it, it makes total sense that the depth of penetration makes so much difference in effectiveness of the serum. How can my quick fingertip application compete with hundreds of thousands of safe, gentle, ultrasound waves infusing treatments? The Jenu system updates skincare to today’s standards by utilizing modern technology coupled with advanced compounds to feed the skin.

The Jenu ultrasound wand itself is not nearly as intimidating as it sounds–it looks akin to something you’d find in an Apple store, a futuristic cordless white wand with a flat metal surface at one end. The system incorporates advanced microsphere technology in its eye and lip treatments, which are activated by the ultrasound waves passing through. They are then delivered efficiently to deeply infuse ingredients into skin. The Active-Youth Eye Treatment contains Vitamins A & C, which are antioxidants working as anti-aging agents. Matrixyl Peptide, and hyaluronic acid hydrate and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. After 14 days of use, I saw the first signs of smoother skin peek out, and at that point usage can be doubled to twice a day for greater effectiveness. I’m hoping my undereye bags will respond to the double treatment with some patience! Luckily, the system is a breeze to use- it’s painless and just takes a minute each time. The only sensation is a little bit of warming.

The Active-Youth Lip Serum is applied using the same wand and uses microsphere technology to deliver Volulip, olive and grapeseed oils, and Vitamins A & E to improve the look and feel of fine lines around the lip. As soon as I finish the quick one-minute treatment, any trace of dryness is gone, and my lips feel incredible- almost bursting with plumpness and fine lines are erased. The lip surface is perfect primed for lipstick application, as lips are smooth and ready to show off color. Both formulas are made without parabens, sulfates, triclosans, phthalates or GMOs. The system includes the ultrasound wand, both the eye and lip treatments, a wall charger, and a countertop charger.

The kit goes for $250 at Products can also be purchased separately.

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