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Every once in a while, I get really fed up with my lifestyle of working a lot, eating far too much crappy food at the office (who can resist chips and fresh guacamole when it’s put right in front of you?) and just generally not getting nearly enough time to exercise as I would like. Most of the time, me getting fed up just involves me complaining about it to a friend, but this time I went all out and decided to do a cleanse. I’d previously done a juice cleanse with Ritual Wellness and really enjoyed the juices, so I decided to use them again since I’d had such a good experience. I opted for a three day cleanse – you can choose from either pre-set juices (the Classic Reset Cleanse, the Seasonal Reset Cleanse) or you can build your own cleanse and order whatever combination of juices you’d like.  I went with the three day Seasonal Reset Cleanse, which replaces one of the classic juices with one that uses the best seasonal fruit because as great as the green juices are, let’s face it, it’s nice to have another option during the day. There’s only so much green juice a girl can drink!

With the Seasonal Reset Cleanse, each day gives you three chlorophyll rich green blends, one antioxidant packed fruit blend, one alkalizing lemonade and one protein rich nut mylk.  You alternate them, so it basically goes green juice, fruit blend, green juice, lemonade, green juice, nut mylk.  The bottles are sixteen ounces each and nearly twenty pounds of USDA organic produce is pressed into each day’s juices, so you get a ton of healthy goodness into your body each day.  My favorite juices each day were definitely the fruit juices.  I love, love, love those.  (Did I mention that I love them?)  I seriously had to ration out my drinking of them because I could’ve gulped them down in a few quick swigs and that is definitely not how it’s supposed to happen. The three I tried were Sweet Potato Orange (available year round), Pineapple Mint (also available year round) and Watermelon Berry (a summer seasonal blend) and they were all amazing. As much as I like the green juices, if someone could just deliver the fruit blends to my condo every day, I would be a much happier person.  Ritual Wellness also offers a Shred juice, for those people who want to continue working out while cleansing.  (Those people would not be me, but to be fair, I was unable to due to my work hours that week or I probably would’ve tried to hit the gym at least one of the nights).  You drink the Pre Shred before your workout and the Post Shred after it, so you can maintain the perfect level of nutrition even when you’re sweating up a storm.

The number one thing everyone always wants to know when you do a cleanse is how hungry you were during it.  Was I hungry?  Sure.  But that’s to be expected and I wasn’t like, delirious with hunger or anything.  I was able to get through it fine without, say, pushing an old woman out of my way to get into In N’ Out the last night.  And the hunger that I had was offset by how great it felt when I was done.  I felt lighter and healthier and just generally like I’d been much kinder to my body than I normally am with what I was putting into it.  It’s such a great and easy way to reset your nutrition without spending a small fortune.  If I had the resources, I would do one every month and be a much healthier person!  The one thing I did experience on the first night was a bad headache, but I drink a lot of caffeine normally, so I’m pretty sure it was caffeine withdrawal.  So depending on your level of coffee/soda drinking, your mileage may vary.

Ritual Wellness juices are all 100% organic and fresh-pressed.  To find out more about them or to order a cleanse of your own, visit

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