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If you’re an anti-morning person like me, there’s nothing worse than the piercing sound of an alarm, followed by groaning and tears. Since retiring and sleeping in is not even close to being on the horizon, I’ve discovered the next best thing: a more natural way to wake up inspired by nature’s sunrise. The Philips Wake-up Light is a clock that, instead of an alarm, uses light to simulate a gradual sunrise, gently lulling you out of sleep to wakefulness. Not only do I avoid getting jolted from REM, but the faux-sunlight stimulates the body’s natural rhythms to transition to wakefulness, even before I even open my eyes. The whole day feels different for me, as I feel relaxed and ready to take on the world as opposed to groggy and counting cups of coffee. To my surprise, it even helps if it was a late night and I didn’t get quite enough beauty rest! If you’re worried that light won’t be enough to wake you from dreamland, there is a simple alarm at the end of the gradual “sunrise” which will ensure that you don’t miss that morning meeting.

The experts at Philips have actually been working on  developing forms of light for over 100 years, so all that culled knowledge went into creating the Wake-up Light. Lighting is still the soul of the company which shows in the golden-hued light emanating from the Wake-up Light, simulating the sun itself. During the early morning hours, our eyes are actually more sensitive to light than when we are awake! Therefore, even low light levels prepare the body for waking up, and the light can be adjusted according to your personal sensitivity. Some of the benefits of a natural wake-up are better overall mood and more energy (sounds too good to be true, but I’ve definitely felt it!). Since your entire body is activated with the light, there is less need for “snooze” time (although snooze it still available, rest assured). I’m dreaming of all the things I could get done with a productive morning, like actually sitting down for breakfast, or even having a decent conversation before rushing off to work! No matter what your age, the Wake-up Light can change a morning routine into something healthy and and productive. Don’t just take my word for it–92% of people who tried the Wake-up Light found it easier to get out of bed, and optimize the start of the day.

Philips Wake-Up Light retails for $69 at

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