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Ever dream of having a celebrity makeup artist coach you on colors, combinations, and application? I always need some pointers and encouragement when I get the itch for creativity and try to reproduce the latest looks in magazines or on the red carpet. I’ve found my own personal tutor in Smashbox’s new (and ingenious, I might add) Wondervision Mega Palette. Wrapped up in a eye-catching silver box, the palette hosts 34 piercing hues for eyes and cheeks. Every color combination is included, from matte to metallic. A look for any conceivable occasion, mood, and time of day whether it’s for work or an evening out is covered in this palette. At first, I was intimidated by the exponential possibilities, as the sheer number of new colors spans the rainbow. My doubts disappeared as I pulled out the “Get the Look” cards and realized how fun and easy it would be. The cards reference a specific look to go for: soft cat eye, smoldering eye, drop shadow, or the signature Wondervision color look. After picking a card, next step is to slide the guide up and down the palette until you find the color scheme to try, then the card will automatically outline and number each of the colors with instructions on where and how to apply. Personalized professional makeup has never been made more accessible or easy, and creativity is encouraged!

For my first foray into the palette, I tried the smoldering eye for some drama- and tried some new colors that I never would have picked (sparkly orange!). To my excitement, they came together for a complimentary and complete look. The full-size mirror is great for seeing how each step looks in reference to the entire face, and I can even get glimpses of my outfit in to make sure the complete look is one I’m going for. There are no washed-out hues on this palette- every one is a burst of color. The bronzer is versatile and can work with one of three blush colors when going for a neutral sand and sun-kissed face.

To complete the look, I love the Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in shimmering bronze. It’s the perfect touch of gilt that is so versatile, it goes with nearly every combination from the Mega Palette. My natural lip color shows through, but is gilded as if by pixie dust and glossed over. Especially when I need some conditioning for my lips in this cold weather, the gloss coats and feels substantial in protecting and glossing at the same time. Just in time for holiday parties and that extra sparkle, I’m happy to have my virtual makeup artist tucked away into the mega color palette!

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