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As us beauty obsessed folks know, there’s an art to looking younger. Whether it’s how to mask a sallow complexion, hide dark circles, or contour my cheeks to look plumper—I’ve learned a few tips and tricks through the years. But, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to fake it? What if your skin didn’t just have to look younger, it actually acted younger? Thanks to Olay Regenerist, I’ve also recently learned a few things about the science behind better skin—get ready for some beauty biology!

As our skin is our body’s first layer of defense, it gets put through a lot. No wonder it might be looking—and feeling—a little fatigued. The scientists at Olay have discovered that on a cellular level, as we age, our skin’s energy levels decrease—that is it gets tired and stops doing its job as well. “Easy,” you say. “I’ll just load it up with some products!” Well, as it turns out, tired skin also becomes less responsive to anti-aging ingredients, so your products may not actually produce visible results as quickly as you would like. That’s why the team at Olay discovered that a key step to anti-aging is first reawakening and boosting the skin’s natural bio-energy production so that skin is then ready to absorb anti-aging ingredients.

So how does a product get skin reinvigorated? The scientists at Olay have discovered that the key to younger-acting skin is increasing its energy. That’s why they have upgraded the entire Regenerist line with a unique Skin Energizing Technology, a complex of ingredients that help to energize and increase surface skin turnover. The technology includes two new antioxidants—Lys’lastine and Olivem. Studies have shown that skin that is properly hydrated has a boosted natural bioenergy production level and Lys’lastine is a natural extract of dill seeds that does just that. Clinical studies have shown that Lys’lastine increases skin’s level of hydration and elasticity, helping to boost skin energy instantly and help it become more receptive to other ingredients. Olivem is a derivative of olive oil that has been formulated to help anti-aging ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. With these two new ingredients, the Olay Regenerist line now not only helps to reawaken skin and boost energy on the surface, but actually ensures anti-aging ingredients are delivered to the right place, and that they’re working on a much deeper level. You no longer have to just trick your appearance into looking younger—now that your skin is optimized to receive these anti-aging ingredients, your skin can actually start acting younger!

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