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Brrrr… the cold is here, and between the wind and snow, it is sinking in deep! Luckily, I’ve discovered some new goodies for keeping skin cozy and moisturized.

ultrarepaircream1) I struggle with annoying patches of dry skin, bordering on eczema and have finally found an answer to my seemingly endless (and frustrating!) search: First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. As soon as I opened up the jar and sunk my finger into the fluffy but creamy concoction, I knew I was onto something different. Not only did it beat out my old misconceptions that an “eczema treatment” had to be dense as a brick to be effective and take forever to absorb, but it actually changed the feeling of my dry skin instantly. The non-greasy formula is easy to put on, and the cloud-like texture makes it a pleasure to massage in. The cream is formulated to penetrate quickly to relieve severely dry, scaly skin, and can even work to alleviate atopic dermatitis, eczema, and keratosis pilaris. Colloidal oatmeal is something I’ve used on my baby’s skin when she gets dry patches, which is one of the main ingredients in the Ultra Repair Cream. Together with shea butter, eucalyptus oil, and ceramides, the colloidal oatmeal relieves skin on the body and  face.

2) ole_henricksenOle Henriksen’s Truth Revealed SPF 15 is the perfect daily moisturizer for chilly weather and a treat for the senses. Upon opening the jar, a whimsical smell of candied oranges wafts out, perfect for the season of dancing sugarplum fairies! The rich cream bundles skin, making it cozy with moisture and protection from sun and cold. Because of its texture and concentration, just a touch is needed to cover the face and decolletage. Anti-aging incredients include Tripeptide-5 for collagen synthesis and elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, and Micro Algae firms skin and boosts collagen. To top it off, Omega 3s improve microcirculation for a younger, radiant complexion. My skin looks healthy and glowing within minutes of application, and although it forms what feels like a protective layer, it doesn’t feel heavy or clogging. Of course, it’s even important in the winter since UVA rays penetrate window glass, which sneaks in your car windows and even the office! If it’s snowing out, rays are reflected off snow so it’s doubly important, even if it’s cloudy. Ole Henriksen makes moisturizing easy and a delight with Truth Revealed SPF 15, and works to keep your skin from aging on so many fronts!

steamcream_thalia3) Steam Cream is art and a versatile cream in one! This handmade cream is lighter and can actually be used year round. I’ve been toting it around everywhere because of it’s amazing versatility- it’s meant for use on face, hands, and body! The novel use of steam in the creation of the cream actually fuses together the ingredients in an instant, keeping it loose and soft, but effective in soothing skin. Of course, the size of each beautiful steam cream tin is approved for plane travel so I’ve been making use of it after washing with the horribly dry airplane soap. Steam Cream brings together orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine to hydrate skin. Almond and jojoba oils, with a touch of cocoa butter, soften the skin’s surface creating a lovely scent; it reminds me of Provencal lavender fields. The limited edition tins are light and beautiful, each with custom artwork. I love the Thalia art edition of Steam Cream and can’t wait to collect a few and reuse them as chic containers for anything from paperclips to earrings!

Restorative Body Oil espa4) I first discovered Espa at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, and fell in love with the luxurious line. Espa’s Restorative Body Oil really is a spa experience in a bottle, and an elegant one at that. Espa is a popular British brand for skincare, and in my first foray into their line, I can see the appeal. The body oil is so relaxing to apply after a warm shower or bath, and whether you’re applying it yourself or have someone doing it for you, the massage soothes the spirit and relaxes the soul. Stress melts away with this blend of sweet orange, rose geranium, and lavender. The Restorative Oil does wonders for the skin- toning and firming, and of courses nourishes dryness away resulting in smooth, touchable skin. I was wary of breakouts, but the oil is so fine that it produces no such problems and works on all skin types.

noya5) Finally, I am a bit difficult when it comes to my lips, because I always have to have a good moisturizer or I feel a little crazy. Lately, I’ve been glued to the all-natural Noya Lip balms to keep my lips silky smooth. The formula glides on like no other, and gives a surpringly luxe satin finish that lasts long after other balms fade. Coconut oil, beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil whipped into a convenient stick are the secrets to its abundant hydration and conditioning. Of course there are no preservatives to worry about, as everything is kosher and natural. My personal favorite is Spearmint, it’s so clean and refreshing in the cool air, and pleasantly light. I’m constantly checking to make sure I have a tube in my pocket before heading out into the cold, because for picky pouts, Noya is a lifesaver!

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