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They call it a skincare routine for a reason: you’ve probably been doing that same old wash/moisturize two step for as long as you can remember. Even as an avid beauty product connoisseur, I find it pretty hard to incorporate a new product regularly beyond the initial testing phase. But every once in a while, something so good comes along that you have to make room for it–on your bathroom counter and in your beauty schedule. In this case, I’m talking an entire category of products: oils, which dare I say, has even replaced my usual face cream this winter.

According to Dr. Harvey Leo, a research scientist at the University of Michigan who spends much of his time studying how ingredients interact with skin, oils are some of the most effective products for helping skin lock in and retain moisture. Ample hydration, as we know, is the key not only to a healthy complexion, but that coveted glow (and despite what you may think, none of the grease). Even something as simple as canola oil can do the trick, says Dr. Leo, but I totally get it if you’d prefer to leave the Crisco in the pantry. Below, I’ve rounded up my five favorite oils of the season–try any of them and I’m pretty sure they’ll become the favorite part of your new beauty routine.

1) EPSA Optimal Skin ProSerum–This rice, sunflower, and coconut oil blend has been enriched with nourishing Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids and Vitamins A and E for antioxidant protection and to brighten, even, and soothe skin in addition to hydrate.The product goes on with a bit of an oily sheen that dissipates after a few seconds. It has a botanical fragrance (smells like a luxury spa experience) so is best suited for those who are not sensitive to scent. I personally use it on my neck and décolletage as an after-shower ritual, and even keep a sample bottle at my work desk for whenever dry patches of skin start to irritate me during the day.

2) Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate–This elixir of botanical essential oils does triple duty: hydrate, regenerate, and replenish skin while you sleep. The product also contains Squaline, a signature Kiehl’s ingredient which mimics the natural structure of skin’s lipids and helps to fortify the skin’s barrier system so you never wake up with any tightness, flakiness, or dry skin. The concentrated formula goes on uber-light and leaves no greasy residue and lavender extracts help calm the mind and encourage sleep . My nighttime routine is used to be just prescription retinol, and this product is the perfect counterpoint to help soothe any dry patches or redness. This year, Kiehl’s has also partnered with Alicia Keys to introduce a special edition of the 1 oz. Midnight Recovery Concentrate and will donate 100% of net profits, up to $200,000- to benefit Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit dedicated to caring for children living with HIV.

3) Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil–Talk about an all-in-one powerhouse product! Juno will change your routine in the sense that you can consolidate everything into this one step. The blend of active, cold-pressed botanical oils (blackberry, blueberry, cramberry, red raspberry, black cumin, while carrot and broccoli seed) are extremely high in natural retinol, Omega-3,6,&9, Vitamin C, natural anti-inflammatory agents, and even increase UV protection when combined with sunscreen. The essential-oil free formulation make this product espeically ideal for people with sensitive skin, eczema, or simply don’t like fragrance.

4) Origins Plantscription Youth Renewing Facial Oil–This was the product that first turned me onto facial oils and stil remains one of my favorite products to use daily. The product contains a blend of Argan, Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Rose and Raspberry Oils and contains an ever-so-light scent which I find absolutely luxurious to apply in the mornings. The oil keeps my skin hydrated and comfortable throughout the day–I don’t even need to supplement with any additional creams! Best of all, it doesn’t interfere with makeup so it’s an incredibly easy and ideal to use as a morning moisturizer.

5) Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum–Long before oils starting having a modern moment, there was Joanna Vargas and legions of her devoted fans and clients swore by her Rejuvenating Serum. The blend of argan, neroli, rosehip, jojoba, and olive oil not only hydrates and protects skin, but contain anti-aging properties, helping to maintain elasticity, smooth wrinkles, and plump the complexion. The serum is a great alternative for those searching for more natural anti-aging products.



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