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Sometimes after a big dinner (or many, as the holidays go), I lament the bygone days where I could eat a wheel of brie then lie on the beach in a bikini with no evidence of having indulged. After a few years have gone by, and oh, having a baby, things are a bit different. For moms and moms-to-be, fitting in that workout is beyond tricky and frankly, not that appealing. Luckily, I have a new little secret up my sleeve for a new start in the new year. Certified Personal Trainer Erica Ziel, a sun-kissed Californian with a degree in Kinesiology & Health, has culled all her knowledge and experience into a new workout program. Knocked-Up Fitness is an effective pilates-based workout designed for all trimesters of pregnancy and post-pregnancy where Erica is your personal coach and inspiration. The Prenatal + After Baby 4-DVD set starts from the first trimester and goes all the way through staying in shape from diaper changing to first steps. An exercise band is included, so you’re all set to get in the best shape possible while being safe. During pregnancy, core muscles are more important than ever for labor and delivery, then of course comes the rebuilding of the body post-pregnancy. Erica’s philosophy is that the stronger your deeper muscles are, the stronger the rest of your entire body is.

As a mom of three, Erica knows how to keep ladies motivated and has created workouts to fit any schedule. Each DVD includes breakdowns that are easy to mix and match, depending on your goals and time available. Workouts during pregnancy not only improve your baby’s development, but can help alleviate sciatica and other ailments that pregnant women are blessed with. Although my daughter is now a toddler, I still consider myself post-natal due to that band of stubborn weight I’ve yet to lose. I love doing the pilates sections on the DVD in the evenings when there is some peace and quiet, and I can concentrate on calming my mind while increasing strength in my body. Erica’s soothing voice makes me forget I’m working out, and I feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Only six minutes one crazy day? Not a problem to get a quick and efficient cardio burst into the day- increasing energy more than a shot of caffeine. After several weeks of workouts and using the simple nutrition tips Erica offers, I’ve noticed my unsightly bulges getting better, and my husband also remarked that my butt isn’t looking quite so sad (hard to get an actual compliment these days). I’ve always been in the workout camp of needing to jump around and sweat buckets to feel like I’ve been effective, but when I started Erica’s workouts, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to coax my muscles into some of the moves. Consistency is definitely the key, but my core feels amazing. Based on how much I’m getting from the workouts, I’ll continue to be post-natal for a long time!



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