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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more quality time dating my husband—that is, less time spent bickering, more time spent having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to our friends at HowAboutWe for Couples, we’re already on our way to achieving this goal! Make spending time with your significant other a priority in 2014 as well–to help you along, we’re offering all our readers $50 off their first date. Read on to learn more!

Shortly after we got married (and life returned to normal), my husband asked me over dinner: “now that wedding planning is done, what should we do with our free time?” It didn’t take very long for me to answer that what I would like to do, in fact, was any activity at all! While my husband and I actually used to plan events together during our early days, somewhere in between moving in together (and fighting over music taste) and spending our weekends DIY-ing reception place cards, we completely stopped dating each other.

Unfortunately, thanks to our busy work schedules and overall repetition of daily life, we’ve also no longer the pros at date planning we used to be. As any New Yorker can attest, the most convenient bar/coffee shop/cafe (i.e. within 2 blocks of your apartment), soon becomes the only establishments one frequents. And while the early excitement of dating meant that I would, in fact, take three subways to go cross-town to try a new restaurant together, the comforts of married life now means that I would…well, rather be comfortable. As in ordering food online. Or IMing him from the couch instead of walking into the bedroom. Or occasionally making him go pour me a glass of wine because I can’t get out of the rabbit hole of Wikipedia/Buzzfeed. You get the idea.

But at some point being comfortable starts to turn into being lazy…and laziness has done no relationship any favors. So now that we’ve embarked on the next step of our relationship—and life together—I resolved to bring back the excitement, anticipation, and discovery of our earlier days. So naturally when I discovered HowAboutWe for Couples, the new experience planning service from the dating site HowAboutWe, I was ready to sign up. HowAboutWe for Couples is a service that helps people who are in relationships go on wonderful dates. The best part? You don’t even have to plan it, just pick your activity online and show up!

One of the earliest dates my husband and I went on was to a sushi making class. I had brought some really fancy knives to try to impress him but I should’ve known that dudes don’t know anything about fine kitchen gear. Anyway, I ended up totally losing the knives after that date, but I did remember having a lot of fun and wanted to try another cooking class as our first official post-married date. Luckily, HowAboutWe has an abundance of cooking (and other) classes to choose from but I immediately gravitated towards a dumpling making class because 1) I’m Asian and love dumplings 2) it’s a good skill to know for future dinner parties and 3) it didn’t require me to bring knives (or anything else, for that matter). So one day after work, we met at a Tribeca loft with a bunch of other couples and got ready to work for our dinner.

The thing about wanting to participate in more activities is that it requires us to be active—and this dumpling making class was the perfect example. There were no shortcuts, from making the dough to pan-frying the dumplings, and of course, crowding around the kitchen island afterward to eat it all. It turns out, this class was one of the first times that my husband and I had cooked together in a long time, and it made me realize that I actually really enjoy it! Picking up a new hobby after getting married? Not a bad thing!

HowAboutWe has an incredible list of dates, constantly updated, ranging from cooking class to painting class to sporting activities to Broadway shows to at home massages. Even just browsing their list of dates is getting me excited to plan the next one! Signing up for the site is free, and if you wish to join, we’re giving you $50 off your own HowAboutWe date!


  1. simone  |  6 January 2014 at 4:01 PM

    Hi Carolyn,
    for those of us who don’t live in NYC how about sharing one of those delicous looking dumpling recipes? Happy new year.

  2. Carolyn  |  7 January 2014 at 3:58 PM

    Hi Simone. Let me try to get it for you. Stay tuned!

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