BeautyPerfect Pairing: Guerlain Météorites Clair Pearls & Powder Brush

Processed with VSCOcamPolar vortex, Arctic tundra, too cold to breathe–whatever phrase anyone is using to describe this cold front, the next sentence is usually the same: “I wish it were spring already!” 

Unfortunately, since winter isn’t showing any signs of letting up soon (or perhaps because of it), I’m strongly gravitating towards any spring-y makeup that lands on my desk. The product I’m reaching for most frequently these days? Guerlain Météorites in (02) Clair, the brand’s newest face powder and part of their 2014 Blossoms collection. Just looking at the pastel pearls immediately reminds me of Paris (a little Miss Dior Cherie throwback anyone?) and Easter all in one. It’s happiness inducing, and luckily the glow it’s giving my cold weather-battered skin is just as warm. The colorful blend of pearls are infused with “Stardust technology,” a light-creating polymer which gives skin that romantic youthful glow. But the real genius is that each color pearl performs its own vital function: yellow and green help counter redness, pink to add freshness, mauve to catch light, and white to illuminate the complexion.

While the pearls come with its own puff, the best way to apply is by using a brush with a bit of natural coarseness. First swirl inside the canister to get a good blend of color and then swirl around your face to add radiance. Although the underside of the puff touching the pearls look a little ashy coming out of the can, it’s almost impossible to get that effect on your skin unless you’re using an extremely heavy hand. Even then, just a light blending with a brush immediately removes any excess powder. My weapon of choice is, of course, Guerlain Meteorites Pinceau Powder Brush, which is specially created with the perfect density to take just the right amount of product. Natural pink bristles and the lacquered white handle add a cheerful finishing touch of girliness and luxury.

Guerlain Météorites in (02) Clair, $60,
Guerlain Meteorites Pinceau Powder Brush, $42,

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