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This post is a little late due to technical difficulties on my part (i.e. my lack of internet access over the holidays, which was even worse than it sounds. Thank God for my iPhone, which helped a little. A very little…) but in a rare turn of events, that’s actually a good thing because I was planning a piece raving about the SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE holiday collection, but now that it’s post holidays, the collection is actually on sale. Don’t you love when that happens?

First, you’re going to want to pick up the Lavish Jewel Gloss Set (on sale for $15). There are four glosses in it, all in pretty shimming jewel tones and a total steal at less than $4 apiece! Then you’re definitely going to want to throw both of the Precious Metal Mousse Shadows in your cart (possibly with backups of both). The creamy eyeshadow mousse (with a really cool texture) comes in Silver and Gold – both gorgeous – with a fabulous metallic finish that shimmers and pops. You can use it all over your lid as a shadow, but you can also use it as a liner (because you know, holiday parties are now over). These were the unexpected standout of the collection for me, so don’t pass them up.

The Radiant Cut Shadow Palette┬áis another winner. It has eight different shades of eyeshadow in it–again, all jewel tones–and they can all be used wet or dry. I’m really loving the color choices in this one and how easy the shadows are to blend, plus they’re all really pigmented so you can create some killer smoky eyes with them. Best part? They are on sale for $20–are you sensing a theme here?

I’m super loving everything about this collection, which also includes the fabulous Jewel Dust Nail Lacquers (not on the site, but definitely still in stores because I just saw them there today). These are genius. You absolutely must get your hands on Honeysuckle– a light pink glitter with darker, hot pink glitter mixed in. I’ve been using it over a light pink (I suggest essie Ballet Slippers) for a custom look, but the combo is so pretty I’m willing to share my secret with all the rest of you. Now if you’re still reading…hurry off to snatch these steals before they’re gone forever!

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