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I’m writing this post in honor of the fact that I’m going to China tomorrow and I have gotten upgraded. Let me count the number of times I’ve been able to sleep while spending 15 hours over the Pacific Ocean/North Pole in all the 20 years I’ve been flying to Asia…and that number is zero. But now, thanks to a very generous friend who passed along his Executive Platinum perks for the day and that 40,000 ft lifesaver called a lie-flat bed, I can actually catch some winks on this overnight flight instead of just sitting there in misery the whole way.

So it was just the best timing ever that I got my hands on the new Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque and Intense Hydration Facial Cream–it was like somehow they knew that I was traveling from one freezing locale to another and would desperately need both items to keep my skin hydrated for the journey. Plus now I can actually enjoy the “overnight” benefits of the Overnight Mask while en route–and you’d better believe that I’ll be decanting these products into TSA approved sizes so I can slather on a healthy helping on the plane while I’m s-s-s-sleeping! 

Since I’m talking about sleeping, naturally let me start with the sleeping mask–the product is designed to be used overnight where it helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, helping to boost its ability to retain water so it can naturally stay hydrated longer. The gel mask is very lightweight, unscented, and immediately absorbs into the skin making it a really fuss-free product to apply. The directions say to apply a healthy layer of the mask onto clean skin, wait 10 minutes, tissue off any excess and then simply allow the mask to work while you snooze. In the morning, skin feels comfortable and smooth, and you can proceed with your normal skin regimen. I found that the product melted into my skin within seconds, so usually I opt just to apply a thinner layer to my face and I don’t really have too much that I need to remove later. Because the product penetrates into the skin instead of sitting on top of the skin, it really is perfect to use while traveling as you won’t get any strange looks from your neighbors.

I’ll also be bringing along the Intense Hydration Cream, which I have already been using daily this week. What I love about this product is that it’s so lightweight that you won’t ever be able to guess by the texture that it’s a super heavy duty moisturizer. The new formulation promises 24-hour hydration and once applied, the moisturizer sinks right in and you don’t have to think about it again. It really leaves my skin feeling so soft and comfortable and it works especially  well under makeup since it’s not greasy at all. I’ve noticed since I started using this cream regularly that even after long periods in the cold weather, my skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry like it used to.  It’s no surprise then, that when they were testing the product, 100% of subjects saw significant improvement in their skin hydration.

Armed with my new Kiehl’s goodies (and an upgraded ticket), I’m not afraid to fly for the first time in a long time. See you guys on the other side of the world!

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