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We’re all familiar with and love designer resort lines as a relief from the bundled-up winter, but what I’ve recently come to realize is that skin needs a resort holiday as well! From a change of scenery and climate is born a need for the equivalent in skincare, which I’ve found in the hydrating anti-aging treatment Yon-ka Hydra No 1. On my recent respite from the uber-cold northeast winter, I toted the Parisian line’s Hydra No 1 Serum and Fluide with me and have been in love with the results. Yon-ka’s anti-aging hydrating complex  restores and maintains hydration levels both in the skin’s superficial and deeper skin layers, but is very lightweight and absorbs well. Because hydration is the basis for skin’s softness, tone, smoothness, and brightness, the Hydra line works both instantly and long-term to restore and retain moisture. An innovative formula of imperata cylindrical, aloe vera, and silicon feed my complexion and relax tightness due to dehydration.

After cleansing, I apply the serum’s refreshing gel-cream and which penetrates instantly and well, soothing from exposure to the drying sun and breeze (hard day, right?) and months in the cold. I’ve noticed over the last few years that my skin produces less and less oil no matter what the season, which contributes to a little more redness and fine lines. Since I began using the serum and continued since the bygone resort days, it has started to relax the lines, and smooth and soften at the same time. I love the light scent, a sweet combination of rose, chamomile, and jasmine, which helps me unwind and breathe a little deeper. Active ingredients include hyaluronic acid which improves smoothness and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins A and E nourish and protect against environmental damage and protect water-holding molecules in the dermis. Following the serum, I wait a minute for it to seep in and then apply Hydra No 1 Fluide, which when used together, result in 122% hydration. The feather-light Fluide moisturizes my skin with a matte finish and is perfect for normal to oily skin, or any skin in warmer weather. To complement the serum, it reinforces the skin’s barrier function in the stratum corneum and epidermis. Both formulas are paraben free with at least 89% natural ingredients.  The Yon-ka line is a well-kept European beauty secret, but it’s worth the effort to seek out and start the anti-aging process, whether for resort wear or every day!

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