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angelI’ve never really thought of myself as an “Earth Mama” but today I stopped for a moment and realized that I do love to give my daughter lots of love through natural organic foods, clothes, creams, and even wipes! A great addition to our bathtimes has been Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, a certified-organic favorite among moms. It’s made by Earth Mama Angel Baby, a company dedicated to organic products for pregnancy and post-partum care through toddler stages. The light foaming wash has a beautiful orange scent from Vanilla and Sweet Orange essential oils which I wish would linger long past the bath! The soap is actually not a traditional soap, but made from castile, a natural germ fighter. This eases my mind as I’ve been hearing so much about antibacterial handwipes and the like making us and our children more prone to drug-resistant mutant germs. I’ve always been partial to foaming washes because they are so efficient for coverage and even distribution over hair and skin, and they’re easier to control especially when going near the eyes. The Angel Baby formula is made with soothing organic Calendula, which is perfect for winter skin and eczema-prone babies. There are no detergents, sulfates, preservatives, parabens, or dyes, and is also gluten-free. Because it has zero toxins, it’s safe for newborns, pregnant women, and moms.

I love the bundle package of the three sizes of the shampoo & body wash, as the small bottle is travel-friendly and approved for carry-ons, so I don’t have to scramble while on vacation to find a suitable cleanser. The big bottle will be a permament fixture in our bathtub, and the medium bottle serves as a handwash by the sink. There’s also more to this wash than meets the eye: with a simple recipe (basically mixing in some baking soda), it can be turned into a household cleaner for sinks, countertops, and bathtubs to naturally whisk away impurities without fear of exposing the little ones to harsh chemical cleaners. It doesn’t end there, the wash can also be transformed into a diaper wipe solution with a few drops of baby oil, or even laundry detergent. This Earth Mama is signing off til next time, baby needs a bath!

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