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Lela RoseWith NY Fashion Week behind us and Paris fresh in our minds, I’ve got a rush of adrenaline and new ideas and obsessions. Of course the fashion is amazing, but beauty is what completes the picture. In several shows including Milly and Lela Rose, Kevyn Aucoin produced some of the most editorial looks. The flawless, creamy complexions of the models were accented by glittery eyelids and dewy fresh lips were simple but fresh and beautiful. I’ve put together some of my favorite elements for a take-home version of the runway looks.



The Primed Skin Developer is step one of any beauty routine, necessary but luxurious at the same time. The sensual pearly white serum is designed to be a treatment primer and foundation developer in one. I tend to have “textured” skin, meaning foundation doesn’t look smooth and tends to flake on my skin if applied directly, so the developer is a lifesaver! I apply it generously over dry spots, but every inch of my face and decolletage is covered to smooth and moisturize, resulting in stronger and firmer skin. It’s the perfect prep for foundation or tint. It helps my makeup last all day while anti-aging and conditioning properties work on skin underneath.

balmThe anti-aging Sensual Skin Tinted Balm provides sheer coverage balm that treats, protects, moisturizes and tints skin. I love the lighter feel of the balm which is silky as it goes on, since my skin feels easily suffocated by heavy foundations. It’s also less shimmery than other foundations, which I find more natural-looking for  light to medium coverage. I’ve started to experiment with mixing the balm with the skin developer and applying with a foundation brush. The resulting combination goes on easily and smoothly, and looks more natural and healthy on my skin. The sleek flat tube makes it easy to tote around if a touch-up is needed. Botanical rice extracts work with a licorice derivative to soothe and calm skin. The balm also acts at the level of SPF 20 to protect at the same time that it nourishes and perfects.


Now for the fun stuff, the Loose Shimmer Shadow works like magic as it glides on smoothly with the roller ball applicator. The best things about it is that it’s not wet, so it can be easily manipulated with a brush or fingertip. A shimmery eye shadow powder for shading and illuminating the eyes. I can use the shimmer shadow all day, blending a fine line with a brush for a lighter look in the morning, then applying a more concentrated area with precision using the ball applicator for evening. The finely milled pearlescent pigment is rich and substantial, and it really makes the eye pop.






glossI’ve been taking this gorgeous Lip Gloss with me everywhere lately, it’s just that versatile and comfortable! I’m partial to the Hydraa shade, a raspberry shimmer, because it captures the essence of spring with its sophisticated berry tones and subtle shine. It gives my lips a pop even if the rest of my makeup is composed of natural hues. The square compact shape is chic and efficient, and the applicator is perfectly shaped for spreading the gloss evenly and effortlessly. Moisture-rich ingredients guarantee the look of shiny and glamorous lips without feeling heavy and sticky, and oils help to keep lips smooth, without being greasy or slippery. Spring is on its way, finally!


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