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olay_sensitive_body_washAlthough I’m normally not too sensitive when it comes to beauty (a definite plus when my job involves trying all sorts of products), this winter I’ve been experiencing a peculiar problem. I’m blaming it on the super cold weather and the hot showers I’m taking because of it—my skin has become so dry and sensitive that I literally have scratch marks from my upper back to my lower legs thanks to how irritated and itchy my entire body has become. (Insert huge sigh. I actually just did that while writing this.)

So when Olay approached me to give their new Sensitive Body Wash a try, I was more than happy to oblige. Out went my usual assortment of fancy fragranced shower gels and even my old standby, Dove, and in came the new bottle of ultra-gentle and ultra-moisturizing Olay body wash. What’s so fantastic about this product is that it’s formulated to sensitive skin so it’s unscented, dye-free, and soap-free which is a major plus because the last thing my delicate, scratched up skin needs is anything that could irritate it further. But while it’s gentle, it’s still incredibly effective at moisturizing—more so in fact that most other body washes I’ve tried. I was impressed and decided to investigate why.

A quick glance at Olay’s ingredient list showed that the first ingredient in the product is water—and I know from years of talking to dermatologists that you need water in order to add moisture back to the skin. Ok, so that makes sense. But what really stood out to me was the second ingredient on the list: petrolatum. Petrolatum is an emollient that acts a barrier and helps to seal the skin’s outer layer and prevent moisture from escaping. When people experience dry skin, a lot of times it’s this outer layer that’s defective so petrolatum is essential to helping repair that and keep moisture locked in. While I’ve known about the beneficial properties of petrolatum for a long time, I’ve never actually noticed the ingredient present in body washes. I checked the label of all those gels I had pulled out of my shower—and sure enough, every single one of them was lacking this important ingredient.

After a couple weeks of continuous use, my skin is feeling a lot more comfortable than it did all season. On particularly cold days, I switch to evening showers where I actually make a point to get every square inch lathered up with this moisturizing treatment and the results have been fantastic. No longer am I itching my way through the night—I actually wake up feeling hydrated and comfortable in my own skin. This one is never coming out of the shower!

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