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dogI was quite shocked the other night to see my husband putting on SPF moisturizer after washing his face- at seven in the evening! I’m not sure how I overlooked this nutty habit for so many years, but it had to meet its bitter end. I went in search of a skincare regimen that would be “manly” enough for him, but nourish his skin which has suffered from years of sun damage from growing up in Florida without sunscreen. I found the award-winning British line Bulldog Skincare for Men which focuses on natural ingredients and eschews parabens, artificial colors and fragrances. Only recently has Bulldog become available stateside, and is quickly gaining popularity. I’ve often wondered if men could use our facial products, but one of the big differences is that male skin is more acidic with an average pH of 4.5. They also have higher collagen and elastin production, so they age later (jealous!). Bulldog takes this all into account when formulating for men, down to the last pore.

sensitiveTo my surprise, the Sensitive Face Wash has become a quick favorite (half of my surprise is that he stopped using bar soap on his face), and works well on his skin without causing redness. Green Tea leaf extract is packed with antioxidants to make a dent into years of damage and neglect, and prevents further damage by protecting skin cells. The botanical extract naturally helps sooth and condition sensitive skin with its anti-swelling properties. Cedarwood bark oil creates a natural woody aroma for a masculine scent that I love, in addition to its antiseptic and astringent properties.


moistureThe Original Moisturizer is filled with essential oils including green tea, green algae, and vitamin E to help rehydrate the skin. Rare ingredients are sourced such as Tocopherol, a free-radical scavenger to combat aging, and Konjac mannan, a perennial plant from Asia, which is a natural moisturizer. Even sea water is an included for its healing powers, and it nourishes with countless minerals. Lime oil and tree moss extract are a couple of the natural ingredients to make the moisturizer smell oh-so-good, although that’s probably more for me than for him!

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