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organicFresh, garden-grown, and organic are usually the words you’ll find in a specialty market for produce, but living a healthy lifestyle demands the same standards for skincare. After all, aren’t the creams, washes, and treatments we put on our face penetrating into our pores and being absorbed to be effective? HollyBeth Organics is an artisan line which is USDA-certified organic and ingredients are grown from a garden and not a laboratory! The creator, HollyBeth Anderson, has culled knowledge from fifty years of international travel, skincare testing and research to create her boutique line which is focused on safe and effective nature-based treatments. She has taken from each culture what they do best- essential oils and organic practices from France, and healing herbs from Latin America. Her recipes are based on traditional homeopathic remedies and are created carefully in small batches.

cleanserI’ve loved acquanting myself with the Rose Geranium Face Kit, which is a perfect way to try a complete facial set for for normal to dry skin. The kit includes a travel-sized Chamomile Foaming Cleanser, which contains aloe vera for its natural calming effects, coconut, and essential oils including jojoba, olive, and primrose. The chamomile is naturally soothing, which complements the rosemary’s invigorating properties. The cleanser is not oily in the least which is refreshing especially with the weather warming up, and my face feels very clean of oil or makeup. I really appreciate this since most “dry skin” cleansers leave you feeling like your face feeling heavier than when you started. The Rose Geranium Toner is a great addition to all skin care regimens as a great spritzer at any time of day. The travel-size that comes in the kit is easy to take to the office, on travels, or even to the beach for a rebalancing and calming treatment for sensitive skin. It not only feels great, but it works to stimulates cell regeneration and provides a high level of antioxidant protection to reduce free radical damage. The Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer is a rich and lush treatment which will eradicate any recalcitrant dry patches with its nourishing mix of rose geranium, rose hip and sea buckthorn oils. After slathering it on before bedtime and getting some good rest, I wake up with baby-soft skin. I avoid heavy application on my T-zone, since the moisturizer is so concentrated. The versatile Eye Cream does wonders for the eye area with camellia oil for UV protection, jojoba and sweet almost oils to feed delicate skin, and I also use it as a night treatment for my lips! It’s the brand’s bestseller, and lots of care goes into the formulation as the eye area shows age easily. For depuffing, store it in the fridge and use it as a cold cream.


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