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PlanetBox_Rover_cropped_sandwichHappy Earth Day! Each year, I love poring over the new innovations both big and small that share the common goal of bettering our planet. One company getting some well-deserved attention is PlanetBox, which creates plastic-free compartmentalized lunch boxes made of high-quality stainless steel. For my little foodie-in-training, variety is paramount, and the Rover box allows for it in kid-sized portions while encouraging me to be creative with presentation. There are five compartments of different sizes, and two spill-proof containers that fit easily inside for salad dressing or yogurt. The box is a cinch to clean with no deep corners or complicated closures and is dishwasher-friendly, a major plus for this mom. The stainless steel is durable and a simple lock snaps it shut to tuck right into its canvas bag. The carry case adds extra dimensions- the two outside compartments allow for a granola bar and a drink, and inside the mesh pocket can handle any utensils needed, plus a napkin (cloth, of course!). A handy strap allows for a quick exit, just throw it over your shoulder.

It’s always fun to decorate a lunchbox, and PlanetBoxes have fun colorful magnetic designs to swap so lunch is never boring, inside or out. The latest collaboration is with multi-platinum musician Jack Johnson (also a dad and a surfer!) to create limited edition “Aloha” magnets for the Rover lunchbox. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these magnets will go to the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation that supports environmental education in schools. I love the hang-loose vibe of the magnets with a color palette of sea blue and cool green, illustrating Hawaii’s natural beauty and sun. Ever since I heard of a precocious 9-year old’s crusade against straws, I’ve been inspired that it only takes initiative and heart to get something going, no matter what age. Just today, my newly-minted two year old picked up an empty bottle and said, “re-cy-cle!” It tickled me to know that she picked this up from us, and it was also a reminder that the younger set watches our every move. Talk about accountability!


6oz_KTNerd_APPLE_150dpiMy favorite healthy drink to nestle in the front pocket of the Planet Box carrier is Good2Grow‘s new line of fun and functional juices. The line includes fresh and nutritious 100% fruit juices, veggie and fruit blends (those veggies have to make it in somehow), and my favorite 100% organic apple juice. My little one can’t get enough of the spinning Hello Kitty figure, part of the interchangeable and reusable collection of Sippa Top bottle toppers. It’s so amazing how much of the healthy juice kids will drink, just because they’re seeing a pretty princess or Pooh bear on top. I love the spill-proof nature especially in the carseat or thrown around in the lunch bag, and the BPA-free plastic puts me at ease. Good2grow never uses anything artificial, doesn’t add any sugar, and avoids anything GMO like the plague. There are even different sizes depending on how much your little or big kid drinks. Don’t forget to recycle and reuse!

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