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corianderI have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning. I procrastinate like crazy until I can’t stand the mess, then feverishly clean until I flop over, admiring and savoring the results. This year I actually looked forward to the Big Cleanup, thanks to the luxurious Caldrea Black Coriander Lime home collection which includes soaps, everyday cleaners, laundry detergents, and more. The fragrance is a beautiful mix of natural essential oils including lime, black peppercorn, and cardamom which actually make mopping more like a journey for the imagination than a chore. I relish the fact that Caldrea incorporates responsible use of cleaning materials basing them in renewable natural ingredients such as olive, coconut, corn, or soy. Safe for both the home and the environment, I know that dirt and grime will be gone without leaving traces of harsh chemicals around.

The All-Purpose Cleaner is a heavy-lifter that can be diluted to different concentrations according to need. I used it to clean my cherry hardwood floors, and am happy with the streak-free results. The potency of the cleaner actually comes from plant-derived surfactants and Birch Bark extract, instead of some unpronounceable chemical. My daughter is always finding a reason to roll around on the floor, so I appreciate the absence of formaldehyde, ammonia, bleach, phosphates, or petroleum distillates in the formulation. It can also be a counter-spray since it’s safe for tile, sealed wood, natural stone and other countertops, cupboards, and more.

The sophisticated fragrance doesn’t linger long after it dries, but I can keep hints of the Black Coriander Lime around with the beautiful hand soap and lotion set in the guest bathroom. After a day of tough cleaning, I pamper my hands with the soap containing soothing Aloe Vera, olive oil, and replenishing oils, nourishing as it cleanses. The hand lotion seals it in with shea butter, aloe vera, and glycerin. It’s readily absorbed and non-greasy, and light enough for spring!

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