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InfinityLipCheek_Group2__72385_1396849503_1000_1000I always pay a little extra attention to celebrity beauty secrets, especially if they’re accessible and easy to try out. When I heard about gorgeous model Josie Maran’s beauty line based around Argan Oil, I perked up and did a little digging. Argan oil is a plant extract native to Morocco which contains vitamin E, known as a savior for sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. It can be used as on skin, hair and nails, and Josie herself uses it to keep her lips and cheeks moisturized and looking healthy and beautiful. Josie Maran’s Argan Infinity Lip And Cheek Creamy Oil combines the best of two worlds- the nourishing argan oil using 97% natural ingredients and a splash of color. The Argan Oil used in Josie Maran products is sustainably harvested and pressed by women’s co-ops in Morocco, which empower their members and protect argan forests.

I went with a bright shade, the Almost Cherry, a vibrant red that can be toned down simply by using a thinner layer. It goes on smoothly as a cream and seems to melt in as an oil without the greasy and heavy feeling. The oil’s pigment is highly concentrated which sets it apart from most other lip glosses, and the little tube will last a while. It’s efficient for application either with a fingertip or brush, and does well on-the-go. A teeny bit on the apples of my cheeks was all I needed, and it blends quite well and doesn’t streak. I used Almost Cherry to dress up a heather gray v-neck which took me from daytime to cocktail hour in seconds!


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