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anchorsPajamas by definition should be fun, and I love thinking outside the box with colors and designs. On rainy days (or even lazy sunny ones), we play inside all day in our PJ’s staying warm and cozy whether sculpting with playdoh or building skyscrapers. Skylar Luna makes the softest eco-friendly pajamas in bright designs ranging from bright California pinks to my favorite, an anchors-away nautical theme for imagining exotic voyages by sea. Made from 100% organic cotton, the stylish sleepwear is designed to be the ultimate in comfort for small bodies to move around while staying safe. I’ve been spoiled with the quality of the pajamas, as the cotton weave holds up over repeated washes, but remains soft and breathable. The fit is just right, not too tight or irritating like other brands can be, which is so important for a solid night’s sleep!

greenWhen I’m picking out clothes for my daughter, I confess I’m a sucker for unique, trendy and cute designs and eschew anything mass-marketed because of quality and esthetics. From the moment I pulled out Skylar Luna’s reusable linen satchel delivering a bundle of softness and color, I knew I was onto something special. It was hard enough choosing from their collection of whimsical stripes, lilies, and lions, but seasonal designs ensure I’ll get to select more come cooler weather. The baby onesies are beyond adorable, and can also be paired with a Skylar book as a gift. There’s simply nothing better than soft organic cotton on new skin. Pajamas should fit snug to sleep to maximize safety, so it’s always prudent to buy the size needed instead of going up one as I’m always tempted to do to stay ahead of the growing curve.

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